The Evidence

Season 1 Episode 3

Borrowed Time

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on ABC

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  • This episode is really sad. Well done, this episode deserves respect!

    The murder we fallow this time turns soon out to be a trivial problem. Cole is really acting like he thinks the world should be and we learn much about the Dr. Goldman. I mean his story was absolute believable and nothing that looked made up. I have deep respect to that. Such a theme to connect in a show and handle it that well: My respect.

    We see how people try to protect each other. The ending with the video was a bit cheesy, but it matched the picture. This is the first time in this three episodes that this show brings an explanation why we really should watch it: It’s a great show!
  • A man is found dead at his work...

    Great episode.
    I really like this show.

    A man is found dead at work, not long after finding his body police piece together his secret life.
    His wife, along with everyone else was unaware that he was dying of cancer.

    After confirmation from his Doctor the police begin to think that maybe the man committed suicide.

    After taking DNA swabs from all of his co workers police get a lead.
    The man that was last seen talking to the deceased witnessed him fall over onto a live power line.

    So in the end we find out that it was all an accident.

    Sean and Saul clash over their view on people lying to loved ones when they know that they are dying.

    Over all great episode.
    I hope that ABC keeps this show around.
  • A well done episode.

    The show is getting better. ABC please give it a chance. Was the death homicide, suicide or was it accidental? You don't know up until the end. The victim knew he was dying and kept it from his wife so she would have good memories instead of sad ones. We also learn more about Dr. Goldman and what is up with the LT.? She has the file to Cole's wifes case and took an item out of it. Is she covering up something?