The Evidence

Season 1 Episode 2

Down for the Count

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2006 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (they meet in front of their station and try to arrange a date)
      Jackie Kazaris: Hi, Sean.
      Sean Cole: Jackie! How's it going?
      Jackie: Good. How are you?
      Sean: Good. Yeah I'm good.
      Jackie: Do you need any help on the Howe case?
      Sean: No - I'm just chasing down a couple of leads.
      Jackie: (nods)
      Sean: That's a great color on you.
      Jackie: (looks down at her uniform) This is a uniform.
      Sean: I know, I know, you didn't pick it out. It just doesn't look like that on anybody.
      Jackie: (smiles)
      Sean: On some people it looks just terrible.
      Jackie: Sean, I would like to talk more, but I've to run.
      Sean: Yeah.
      Jackie: I have to help to lock down traffic outside a bus station.
      Sean: Yeah.
      Jackie: I see you later?
      Sean: Yeah.

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