The Evidence

Season 1 Episode 4

Five Little Indians

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Case Numbers: #0525183 #0525184 #0525185 #0525186 #0525187 Evidence items: 1. Body of Oliver Beckman. Bullet wounds to the entire torso and head. 2. Body of June Cheng. Bullet wounds to the entire torso and head. 3. Body of Nicholas Lopez. Bullet wound to the head. 4. Body of Ivy Beckman. Bullet wounds to the entire torso and head. 5. Body of Craig Park. Bullet wounds to the entire torso and abdomen. This is the evidence. The camera shows all five bodies Sometime in the past everyone is still alive The five persons are sitting in a restaurant together and enjoining their dinner. They are having fun. They talk about their work (all work together) and are all friends together. They talk about the future. Jocelyn announces that Craig will propose to her sometimes soon. Nicholas toasts to that and her work and her five year anniversary of being clean. Flashes of the dead bodies and the living person. One by one The table is shown once again, and there are six persons sitting there They leave the restaurant and say goodbye to each other. Craig and his girlfriend argue about the announcement of the announcement, because Craig is afraid he might feel pressured and take drugs again. She is heavily disappointed. Craig leaves her on the street and walks away. Craig enters a dark room and lies down on a couch. It's obviously his office or something like that. He tries to sleep there. Suddenly the window breaks and a shadow is passing by the wall. Craig gets up and calls for Jocelyn. Craig gets shot. The evidence Golden Gate, the bay and a view over the city Credits start A woman is drying her hair with a dryer and preparing herself for the day. She bags up a tiny bottle of Vodka. She lays her gun and her police batch into a box and passes a metal detector. She enters her office and Cole fallows her. He and Inspector Sykes talk about his wives case. He tells her that something is missing from the files. She tells him that she isn't allowed to tell him anything. She tells him that she doesn't help him after what he did to her. His pager goes off. Flash over a bridge and through some streets Cole and Bishop arrive at the crime scene. Craig was a drug counsellor and worked there. The list of possible suspect is already very long: Dealers and Junkie's especially. Dr. Goldman lies on the couch and tells Cole that the victim lied there and was getting up while he was shot. Flash of the shooting Craig has marks of Craig abuse on his arms. Goldman warns them of the possible drug related content. Flash of all the bodies Commercial break all bodies are shown in black and white or through a night view device Mrs June is telling Cole and Bishop of the last night's dinner and their life. She tells them that they don't have any drugs around. They are just counselling and a job centre. She also tells them that Craig was clean for over a year. Outside they talk about some strange phone calls on the victim's cell. They also plan to talk to his girlfriend. At Craig's girlfriends place the inspectors talk to her. Nicholas is there too and tries to stop the inspectors of asking too much. She tells them about the fight they had. Ivy joins them too. Back at the evidence lab, Goldman tells the inspectors about the gun: Calibre 38, one shooter, 10 feet distant. So no suspects so far. Craig had some opium inside is body, but it's not for sure that it is heroine. Maybe a bad gone drug deal? Cole tells them that Craig hid a lot from his girlfriend. Goldman says that's what men do and women believe it. Bishop tells Cole that he has to give Sykes some space after all what happened. Bishop also tells Cole about the unauthorized use of his password. He tells him that he will help. Cole tells Cole about his suspicions about mishandled evidence. Bishop tells Cole that the interview Cole gave to the newspaper destroyed Sykes life. Flash of the bay area Flashes of the evening at the restaurant Ivy is crying in her car, before she goes for a run. She hears something and stops then someone shoots at her. She gets shoot. Flashes of her body Commercial break In the police station Cole reads the newspaper article about him and Sykes again. There her ex-husband made some serious allegations. Bishop tells that something is wrong the case file and he will look into it too. Then the phone rings and he answers. The camera moves over SF They found dead Ivy Beckman. They recognise the scheme: It's the same like the last time. They also agree that it was a crime of passion, because of entry wounds occurred after her dead. Flashes of her shooting Oliver Beckman wants to see the body of his wife. He was once an ADA (Assistant District Attorney). So they talk to him. Ivy called Craig four times, before he was murdered. She called him a lot. Maybe they had an affair? Flash of the cost and the city Back at the drug counselling station Cole and Bishop talk to Nicholas. He tells them that Craig slept with everyone whenever he was in a relationship. So, with Ivy and Jocelyn. He knew about the affair. The used a hotel for that. Jocelyn might not have known anything about this. Back at the office: Craig didn't have heroine in his blood. He was on painkillers. Lt. Brenner tells them to force up their investigation, because the chief and the mayor called and want answers! They question Jocelyn about everything. They confront her with the affair. She tells them that she is clean since five years and she shows them a picture how she looked shortly before she died! She was rapped and didn't even know anymore where she was. Since then she reminds herself every day of that and lives without drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. Oliver Beckman has an alibi too. Lt. Brenner informs them about the hotel where Craig went with his girls. Apparently someone else from the DA's office asked in the hotel already! Oliver Beckman? So they leave to arrest Oliver. It's night. At Mr Beckman's house the police prepare to storm the house. They enter and find a surprise in the personal office of Oliver Beckman. He was shot too! Commercial break Back at Oliver Beckman's house: TV stations are already there too. Inside Goldman tells Bishop that this is the same 38 calibre gun like before. Not 100% sure, but for 90%. That's a lot without lab test. They don't find prints. The FBI is there now too. Three murders in three days and a former ADA as well, that needs coordination by the FBI. Lt. Brenner tells the FBI agent, that Mr Brenner was a key suspect and so no third murder was to expect. Bishop and Cole tell her that it isn't a serial killer who fallows an imaginary connection between the victims. Their connections are too obvious. It might be some addict or some angry dealer. The FBI agent orders that all employees of the medical centre get personal protection by the police. So they close down the centre. They question Nicholas again. He tells them they should talk to June Chen, because she destroyed the windows of a dealer's place a few days ago. Flashes of a deal and Chen smashing the windows. They talk to Mrs. Chen. She refuses every protection, because the police never did something against the dealer. Flash of her dead body In the morgue, Cole takes a look at all victims. He orders an officer in front of June Chen's house, despites her will. Bishop talks to someone of the drug department. That guy tells him that the mentioned dealer is a very important dealer in the entire bay area. A news channel airs a information about the cases, a summary of the things happened in the past three days The officer from the drug department bets that the dealer (called J.C.) is the prime suspect in his eyes. Cole goes to Sykes and apologises to her, about the interview. He didn't want to intimidate her. He just wanted to force every possible investigation. She accepts his apology. Lt. Brenner coordinates the capture of J.C. in her office. Outside Jocelyn and Nicholas enter and claim J.C. tired to kill Nicholas. He tells them that he shot at him several times out of his car. He managed to hide, but his shoulder is hurt. Nicholas refuses medical attention, because he is afraid of drugs. He claims he was too long an addict. So Nicholas and Jocelyn decide to leave the town with a police escort and go to Nicholas' house in the woods. The police arrests J.C. and some of his friends. They question him and threaten him with the death penalty. Then Lt. Brenner pulls Cole and Bishop away. She informs them that an officer just found Chen dead! Shot as well. Flashes of her body in the morgue Commercial break Evening in SF The apartment of Mrs. Chen: She was shot 7 till 10 hours ago, so Cole can't blame the officer who was outside her door. No evidence of forced entry again. In the woods everything is ok so far. Nicholas starts making a fire and gets some wood. He hears some noise and is disturbed. He picks up his wood and goes back in. At the last crime scene Cole and Bishop talk to Dr. Goldman. Goldman tells them that something is different this time. There was a struggle and the attacker was injured, possibly at his shoulder. Nicholas? In the woods Jocelyn sees some photos of her and Nicholas. She is irritated by that fact, because she isn't his girlfriend. Goldman and Cole bring up a new theory. Nicholas is the killer. He needs Jocelyn, but she doesn't need him, so he makes her need him. So he kills all her friends. The phone rings and Jocelyn answers. Nicholas is fixing his shoulder. It's Cole he tells her everything. She stays calm and Nicholas gets sceptic. She tells him it was Chen, but Nicholas knows that's not true so she tries to run. The police is on her way Nicholas stops her. The police are already outside the house. Jocelyn screams sot the police breaks up the door. Nicholas flees into the backroom preparing to shoot at the door. Bishop fallows him. Cole takes care of Jocelyn. Cole hears the hot and runs, but Bishop is ok, Nicholas committed suicide. Outside Jocelyn sits and is facing the reality, that now all her friends are dead. Flashes of the dead bodies again and the evidence is presented again. Also flashes of the crimes, now showing the shooter. All five bodies lay side by side in the morgue. Back at the police station, Cole finds the case files of his wife on his desk. He calls Sykes to thank her, but she doesn't know anything about that. He hangs up without telling her any specifics.