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ABC (ended 2006)

ABC decides on May 16, 2006

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    I loved this show and I am hoping they will bring it back. I got the TV guide for May 1 - 7, 2006 and someone else wrote in asking if the show would return?

    The question reads : Has The Evidence been canceled, or is ABC just filling time with Invasion?
    Answer reads: You've got it backward. ABC's intent was to give The Evidence a four week tryout in Ivasion's time period. Whether either show makes the cut for next season won't be known until May 16.

    I know other people have been wondering if it would return so I hope this helps. We should all know on May 16.
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    That's correct. I didn't knew the exact date, when it would be decided, so thank you for the update.

    I changed the title of this topic so everyone can understand what is meant.
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