The Evidence

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 2006 on ABC

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  • A Well Done Pilot.

    San Fransisco Homicide Inspectors Caymen Bishop and Sean Cole veterans of the SFPD and the best of friends work to solve a case involing the murder of a medical student and shows Cole still grivening the lose of his wife. This pilot for the new ABC series The Evidence does not differ from the failed Killer Instinct also set in San Francisco but is well done. ABC should hold on to this show for it has much good material in just the first episode alone.
  • I was able to watch them as they shot the pilot in San Francisco. Very well organized, great cast, great script, super locations, great management team behind the series. I am a TV-holic and I think this series may be a winner.

    This is a great show with great locations. The best part is the chemistry among all the leads, particularly Orlando Jones, Rob Estes, and Martin Landau. Outrageously beautiful San Francisco Bay Area backdrops, great dialogue and superb acting. Jones and Estes were meant for these roles and Landau is the mortar between those two particular bricks.

    The various locations where the series is actually shot (not all of it is filmed in San Francisco--for many reasons--but one would suspect the influence of the oh-so-unpleasant San Francisco Film Commission as being a big part of it) make this a visually stunning series and the interior shots are simple, well-done, and just understated enough to not take away from the actors. Many TV series do not get that part right.

    The Evidence does most everything right.
  • I didn't get the fast finger recovery...

    What was that about the finger? How the heck would it just recover so fast, it's impossible. Creators playing tricks on dumb people's minds. Other then this, the episode was fantastic, the show was rated 14+ but one scene was disgusting, when they showed her throat all soaked in blood, its kinda hard to watch for a 14 year old. The effects were well done tho, the music and the cut scenes were great. It sux tho that Coll turned down the black pussycat, i felt kinda sorry for her as she prolly just wanted to ask for a date. The show featured 2 swear words, which is a start ( biaatch and bitch , both said by Bishop ). Oh and Coll also said to the murdered: don't move son of a bitch. So I guess this is the only word allowed by FCC. Sigh. This episode was pretty got, it got my mind twisted as I'd never think that the security guard would of killed her. It's quiet punishing for me, it means that I judge by the book. The episode has some laughs to it, it was good to know some humor was incorporated. I wonder what was that hip hop music playing Bishop was playing Basketball.
  • Good start, I hope it succeeds.

    There are many positive elements about this new series. The characters are likable. The idea is interesting as well. However, there is something which seems to be holding this show back. I don't know if it is the scripting or directing, but it just does not seem as well-polished as an episode of CSI.
  • The reason I believe this show has become a trendsetter is for the simple reason that it allows you to see all the evidence before hand so that all of us watching can try to figure it all out by the time they do.

    This show really caught my attention awhile ago when I first saw that it was coming to TV. Then, when I watched the pilot episode the other night, it was pretty cool to see them incorporate the viewers into the show by giving the evidence like that at the beginning and then going back to before the murder and moving from there. It's also a nice touch how when something happens that affect the evidence and it's talked about or shown while they're doing something, they flash the original evidence to remind us that it has something to do with solving the crime.

    As for the characters, you can tell that they have been close for awhile and are truly able to work together unlike some cops who are forced into their partnership and it takes forever for them to truly trust one another.

    I feel really bad for Inspector Cole who is having such a hard time dealing with losing his wife. From the way it seems to me right now, this is going to be either turned into a big deal soon, or it will be a small part of the show where he can't get it out of his mind until he ends up focusing almost all his time to it. Or on the other hand, they could end up arresting someone who knows something and it moves on from there. Aye...just speculation.

    I'm looking forward to the next show.
  • A good first episode.

    I liked this episode because it has a different take on things. You are given the clues/evidence at the beginning and you see how it comes into play later on in the show. I liked Orlando and thought he did a good job and what else can I say about Rob Estes. He is still hot. ALthough, I know he is a little older than when he was in SILK STALKINGS, but please spike your hair again, it is way to short.
    I hope ABC will give the show a shot and not the boot.
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