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  • I blinked so I missed it. I wish I hadn't.

    I'm not exactly sure if i'm qualified to write a review for this show. I've never actually seen it. I did see previews for it and was very intersted in watching it. But I forgot the time and day it was on and it sort of slipped my mind and then it ended. I never got to see one second of it. But I wish I had, even back in early 06. Because this was a great concept. It reminds me of clue, the way you get to piece the story together as you go along. It would have been such fun, guessing whodunit the whole episode. I really would have loved this show. It sounded great during the ads for it, and I saw Orlando Jones go on "The Martha Stewart Show" to promote it. Without ever seeing "The Evidence" I can say it was a great show which just didn't click with the audience.
  • It's a good show.

    I realize that supplying the \"evidence\" at the beginning of the show is just a gimmick, but it doesn\'t detract from anything. It would be interesting if the revelation of the evidence somehow made the show a bit more interactive. But I\'ll settle for just a good show. In this case I like the characters and the actors who are portraying them.

    I was sad when I thought the show was taken out of the lineup and was glad to run across it again. I think programming directors make a mistake by putting shows on hiatus that they think might not be hitting the the desired rating numbers. It confuses the viewer and then, if and when the show is brought back, it could slip in unnoticed and run the risk of not making the numbers again.

    I really do like this show. I hope it lasts for a while.
  • I've only missed one episode of this show, and I'm glad that I've got them all on video so I can watch them over again.

    I think this show is great!! The relationship between Cayman Bishop and Sean Cole is phenomenal; that\'s how two men should show love for each other. The show itself is funny and touching, sensitive to supporting players, and all around just a great show. Why ABC is pulling the plug on it is just ludicrous. Bring it back, ABC; you\'ve got a great show there. Give it another chance!!! I want to know what happened to Sean\'s wife, and is their boss involved in her murder???
  • You are given "the evidence" at the beginning of the show. Can you guess who the killer is?

    Orlando Jones and Rob Estes play two San Francisco detectives and best friends who investigate various killings. They go thru the show collecting the evidence that you are shown at the beginning of the show. Add Martin Landau as the Medical Examiner and you have a fabulous cast! I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It is a shame that ABC is too blind to see a good show!
  • Great show but just wasn't given enough time!

    I think that it was too early to pull the plug
    On this show which I thought would had been
    Given enough time had it made last fall's line-up but most
    Shows don't really do good when they are given mid-season spot as they don't let it grown with time and the audience.
    I loved this show as it was a guilty pleasure of mine.
    Just wished that it would have been given time to grow!
  • Typical Crime Drama

    The Evidence was a typical crime drama. They give you the evidence first and you have to figure out what happens. But it plays out like any other crime drama. Inspectors Sean Cole and Cayman Bishop investigate the crime and examine the evidence left behind. Sean Cole is still tramitized by the murder of his wife and will do whatever it takes to find out who killed her and why things have been covered up. One by one all the pieces of evidence fall into place and the crime is always solved. The show ends with the same beginning it started with, a list of all the evidence.
  • First, viewers are given the pieces to the puzzle of someone\'s death. Then, San Francisco police find and assemble those pieces before our eyes.

    The Evidence, at first glance, is just another procedural police drama with another twist: at the beginning of each episode, viewers are presented all the evidence collected in the case in the episode. That being said, the execution is what makes the show something else. Inspectors Cole and Bishop (played by Rob Estes and Orlando Jones, respectively) have an on-screen chemistry that matches none that I have seen. In addition, the writing is intelligent, witty, and moving. The scene in the pilot with Bishop mourning the passing of his mother, flowing directly into Cole’s “Yo’ Mamma” joke was one of the better scenes on television that I have seen. The Evidence proves to be an excellent program.
  • this show is an interesting one to watch

    you watch it at the beginning it tells you the complete evidence they have but your baffled as to where it fits until each piece is introduced and entered into evidence lol and the chars especially the main chars the two cops i dont have their names memorized there has only been a few episodes lol but they work well together one is sort of driven to finding an answer in wifes murder the other is a total dog lol he likes looking and talking to women playing the i am the police card and its funny to watch any way its on hiatus now but i hope it doesnt get cancelled it was an entertaining show and we have enuff reality without adding another one to the tv if thats what the tv execs are thinking :)
  • This is a wonderful new show. I find the blending of seasoned actors with some newcomers a great idea and they seem to meld wonderfully. The show is impossible to turn off once you get involved with each new plot line.

    I did watch the Evidence and found it to be a really great drama with wonderful plots and great chemistry between the actors. It also has an element of comedy and the ongoing mystery of the plot line with the murdered wife and "the evidence". I like the ongoing interaction between the characters as well and how we find more and more.

    This is a show I will definitely continue to watch if and when it comes back on. ABC already really messed with Commander in Chief and I hope does not do the same with this wonderful show.
  • Yes, finally!!

    My comment on this new show:

    Oh, my god! I loved this show! I didn't see the first two episode in two previous week! This week, finally! I gets to see this show! Now, this show is become my new best friend!

    This show is great to be combine with csi and another crime drama! I praise it for that! I truly love it!

    I can't wait to write the reviews for entire season for that!

    I hope abc will give this show a chance to come back for season two!

    I strongly suggest for everyone to see this show! It's very good! Let's pray that this show will get second second and come back for this fall!
  • Again ABC has done a terrific job of putting out quality programing for us viewers. Sure this a crime drama but not one like all the oter crime shows on television. This one has class, great drama and humor we need more shows like this one,

    I believe if this show is given even half a chance viewers will realize this is one of the most out standing shows that has been on the air in a long time. The chemistry between the actors is superb, outstanding. I for one will watch this show every week! Where else would great acting like this be found. Love the fact that clues are given before each episode so viewers can try to piece together what has taken place in the episode. There is no other crime show like this on television. Not to mention the show has two great looking guys as leading actors. The rest of the cast is outstanding as well.I hope to see this show around for years to come.
  • Great visual effects, edgy photography and some new fresh and talented actors!

    The \"Down for the Count\" Episode intellegently raised the issues around gay men in professional sports. It was interesting how the main theme of the episode was carried throughout the relationships between the main characters too.

    I loved the edgy photography in the \"tenderloin\" district.

    The \"New Young Thing\" - Reno was captivating! Where did they find this fresh talent? Eyes to die for!

    More, please!!!!
  • I like it- great cast- Law & Order/Csi with a humourous twist

    I wasnt expecting much when I saw the first show but i was surprisingly pleased. Rob Estes has always been a personal favorite and Orlando Bloom is great!This has humour and the rage in the tv shows- Law & Order/CSI wanna be. But the quirk is the beginning- trying to figour out what all the evidence has to do with the show. The finger from last week was a surprise. So it has suspense, forensics, and add in a few good looking men and bingo- you have a winner!

    This one should be around for a while- if it gets seen by enough people!
  • Definitely, a great show. There's good acting and chemistry between orlando jones and rob estes. Besides, the trick of trying to match the evidence with the story really got my attention. Finding out whose finger was going to get chopped made me stay glue


    Definitely, a great show. There's good acting and chemistry between orlando jones and rob estes. Besides, the trick of trying to match the evidence with the story really got my attention. Finding out whose finger was going to get chopped made me stay glued till the end! LOVE THIS SHOW.

  • This show found a way to not only change the crime drama, but to give us back Rob Estes, what more could you ask for?

    The Evidence proves once again that a crime drama does not have to be a knock off of CSI or Law and Order to be successful. This different approach gives the viewer the evidence first, then shows you how it came to be through telling the story. There are twists and turns in the show, some of the evidence leaving you to wonder how it's really going to come together, but it does. And quite nicely at that. The addition of Rob Estes makes this show a hit in my book. He's an excellent actor and give him someone like Orlando Jones to play off of and what we have is a sure fire hit. Watch this one, folks, it's going to be a winner.
  • Love these shows. I was thrilled to see this show. Ok 1st episode and the African American gets his trigger finger cut off by the end of the season they both may be dead can he come back next week with his finger sewn back and fight criminals

    Love these Types of shows. I was thrilled to see this show. Ok 1st episode and the African American gets his trigger finger cut off by the end of the season they both may be dead can he come back next week with his finger sewn back and fight criminals
  • Mix CSI, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, the other funny black guy from MAD TV, the first master of disguise from Mission: Impossible and you have yourself The Evidence.

    At first it felt strange for a show to show you all of the evidence at first. I mean look, the evidence is the most important thing, it actually unlocks the solution of the crime. That's what made me worried, that the solution would at first be shown and then it just backtracks from there. However looking at the pilot last night, those worries were thrown out the window. All of these clues are just random pieces of things at first, but looking at how they are the focal point for the majority of the show, it makes sense that they should be the ones everyone sees. It kept me at bay, and let me try to understand the evidence myself. This show is wonderful, it's great to see Landau back on the small screen (what can I say, I'm a classic Mission: Impossible fan) and hearing more of Jones's comedy (again huge fan of MAD TV). This show gives a new twist to the old cop drama, by letting you see all the pieces, but not letting you connect it all together until the end. All I hope for is that ABC doesn't just throw this gem away, just like FOX did with Arrested Development (man I am still mad about that).
  • a show that mixes csi with any cop drama and add a dash of comedy in just for flavour and you've got the evidence. with a unique set up, each episode starts off by giving the viewer the enidence and then goes back and tells the story.

    with a breath of freash air the detectives are friends and show it. they joke around with each other and shoot one liners at each other. although the black/white tandom is nothing new, i've never gotten tired of it so it works for me. the cases are different every week covering an aray of topics and sceneries. there's also an underlying story about the white cop's murdered wife, which will probibly slowly drawn out until a cliff-hanger season finally or something. the show overall is great and allows for the view to think the crime out as each episode goes on.
  • try it...more than\'s really worth watching!

    i\'ve seen 5 episodes and read every script, and this show is a gem. don\'t be put off by the clues\'s tightly written, well acted, and in my opinion, fresher and more fun than most crime shows.

    the pilot (ep 1) is good, but it gets better every week.