The Evidence

Season 1 Episode 5

Yi vs. Li

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jun 10, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Case number: #0525127: Sen Huang The evidence items: 1. Folding knife with serrated blade, traces of blood. 2. The complete works of William Shakespeare. 3. 1987 Ford Festiva, impacted on the left side. 4. Hammer head shark fins. 5. Body of Asian male, knife wound to the torso. Back into the past The victim walks by the blue car from the evidence, checks if it's closed. Flash of the damaged car. He sees someone on the balcony. He walks trough the streets, it's late at night. He enters a building with a Chinese symbol above the entry. He puts his knife in a bowl - flash of the knife in the evidence locker - and lightens a candle. He starts to pray. Flash to a family argument Sen is arguing with his sons, because they don't speak Chinese. The older son tries to settle the dispute, but the younger son tells his father, that they life in the US, a place where people speak English, so he will speak English and he tells his father to do so as well. Flashes back to the temple Sen's wife is talking to his son's wife/girlfriend and her unborn baby. All three smile. Back in the temple someone takes the knife and stabs Sen. The Evidence Cole dreams about his beautiful blonde wife Ellie. She drinks wine and smiles at him. Pictures of her murdered body The pager goes of and Cole wakes up. In front of the department Cole tells Bishop that he got some evidence about his wife's case and he asks if Bishop gave this to him. Bishop denies and doesn't understand why this item never was used, since the print including it is in the database, but the name is missing. He shows him the item. Cole tells Bishop this was left on his desk, but Bishop first doesn't believe him first. Bishop tells Cole that a suspect never was arrested. The camera shows down town San Francisco and moves slowly to China town The crime scene is processed; it lied in a Chinese temple. A priest found the victim. Stevens is already processing the body. She also translates some symbols of the walls. The tea ceremony the victim was performing, might have allowed the murderer to sneak up so easily. The camera shows again San Francisco Cole and Bishop talk to the priest, who tells them that Sen was a regular customer. He also tells them that Sen was angry about his family. Pictures of China town Cole and Bishop talk to Sen's older son. He tells them that his parents flew from the communists in China. The fact that the younger brother is missing makes Cole and Bishop suspicious. The family tells them, that they all disagreed with Sen, about money and the family. Cole and Bishop are walking through the streets, because they can't find their car anymore. Bishop starts to eat some chicken prepared on a street wagon. Cole and Bishop visit an old business partner of Sen, Spence Eliot. He informs them about some past deals. He also tells them that Sen paid protection money to a Chinese gang, but stopped doing that, a few months ago. He also tells them that the younger son is a part of this gang. In the office of Dr. Goldman, Cole asks Goldman if he got him the evidence file to Ellie's case. Goldman leaves it open, if he was the one who gave Cole the file. Brenner, Bishop and Cole talk about where they might find Sen's younger brother, but that's difficult since the gangs move from one underground place to another. Bishop thinks that "Tooth ferry" can help them - a small criminal with two golden teeth on the top front row. He gets them to the current underground club. They enter the club, but aren't really welcome. They question the young son (Thui Huang) in the department. He tells them that he was in the clubs. He tells them he paid the money for his father for six months. He tells them about the disagreements. Cole and Bishop go back to Sen's store to have a look at the small office Sen had. First they ask, Sen's wife, if she worked in the store as well. She tells them that she always wanted, but he didn't want her to work, once she got pregnant. Before that, she tried to get a job as engineer, like she was back in China. After that Cole and Bishop go into the small office. They find a lot of very expensive books and an English written edition of the complete works edition of William Shakespeare. In the department Emily reads the hand written text in the books to Cole and Bishop and also tells them the English notes came from Sen. He must have spoken perfectly English. Flashes of the Evidence At the funeral, Cole and Bishop wait in the car. Thui waits in front of his racing car and doesn't visit the funeral. So Cole and Bishop confront him about Sen's ability to speak English. Thui asks them not to tell his brother, since they are in enough trouble, because they have to give up their baby for adoption, because the family has no money. The store didn't make any money. Back in the temple Cole and Bishop question again the priest and he tells them that Sen might have used water from the well outside in the bowl he had to put in something, so Cole and Bishop take a look at it. Then Cole finds another door to the building, but the priest tells them he didn't said anything, since nobody uses that door. But so the Crime Scene crew has to come again and process these parts as well. So they find the knife, which was used to murder Sen. Stevens tells this information to Cole and Bishop back in the department. The kind of knife is used to skin sharks. So they check in to the local Shark suppliers. Spencer Elliot is one of them. So Cole and Bishop visit the company. The smell in there is something of the worst things Cole and Bishop ever smelled. They question Elliot again. He admits that he kept this a secret and that this company belongs to Sen! Flashes of the evidence The business is worth like 5$ millions now. The sons will get only 100'000$ and the rest goes to charity like before. Elliot has an alibi. Later Cole and Bishop discuss the possibilities, who might have killed Sen. The next day Cole and Bishop questions Thui again, and their mother starts crying in the department. Brenner found out, that someone recalled the adoption. So Cole and Bishop visit the older son and his wife/girlfriend, when her water breaks. They discuss the cancelled adoption, but none of them did it. Cole and Bishop start to escort the two to the hospital. In front of a crossway, the couple finds out, that the breaks of their car isn't working, so both cars crash. All are fine, but that's how the blue car landed in the evidence. The breaks were manipulated for a few days. Sen was the only registered driver, another attempt to kill Sen? Now Bishop and Cole discuss the possibility that Sen's wife killed him, since she might have manipulated the car and called the adoption agency, since she loved her grandchild so much. In the delivery room the family is united and the baby gets born. Cole and Bishop wait outside, but when Sen's wife sees them, she knows they know. Goldman recaps the evidence with some flashbacks into the unseen past, where Sen's finds out the secrets, manipulates the car and kills him. In the end Bishop and Cole discuss if a jury might convict Sen's wife and what her granddaughter will think about it. In the department Brenner destroys the evidence file of the unused item in Ellie Cole's case.