The Evil Touch - Season 1

(ended 1974)




Episode Guide


  • Wings of Death
    Wings of Death
    Episode 26

    The Webbers' dream vacation in Central America becomes a nightmare when their son, Scott, disappears off of a rural roadside merry-go-round. The strange couple that runs the attraction is of no help, nor is Police Captain Ortega who soon disappears. Someone who doesn't want them to find their son runs the couple's car off the highway. On foot, they stumble upon a ghost town where they find their son. He's on an altar, about to be sacrificed by a strange bird-worshiping cult.

  • They
    Episode 25
    An eerie cult of children with plans for doing away with adults commit murders in a British seaside town. Dr. Fenton, a lecturer on over-population, and his son are visiting on vacation when they run afoul of the group. Their leader, Lydia, despises the doctor and his message and wants his son as a member of her group.moreless
  • Never Fool With a Gypsy Icon

    Escaped murderer Frank Draker and his accomplice dig up the coffin containing stolen jewels he'd buried years earlier. Racing for the border, the men encounter a group of gypsies in the forest. Frank refuses to heed their leader's warning that the golden icon he wants to steal will bring about vengeance. Draker learns the truth when he's forced to face all the souls he has killed.

  • Death by Dreaming
    Death by Dreaming
    Episode 23
  • The Voyage
    The Voyage
    Episode 22

    A rich couple buys the old sailing ship Endeavor after it spent 70 years in dry dock. Captain Palmer, who's aboard with his wife and another couple, puts everyone on edge with what he reads in the ship's logs. The Endeavor is a malevolent "death ship" that has killed most of the passengers on its previous voyages. The vessel inexplicably shudders, rattles its chains, and charts its own course.

  • Gornak's Prism
    Gornak's Prism
    Episode 21

    Alvin Hazeltine is a manbored with his life who visits the mystical Dr. Gornak who demonstrates an odd device: a glass prism that reveals the infinite possibilities of every woman. He trains the glass on his boring wife, Selma, and is surprised by what he learns.

  • Kadaitcha Country
    Kadaitcha Country
    Episode 20
    Reverend Vincent arrives at a missionary outpost in remote Australian to find everyone missing. Following a series of unexplainable events, he's told that it's the work of a Kadaitcha, an Aboriginal "witch doctor," who's trying to take his soul. The reverend instead believes the hallucinations he once suffered have returned.
  • The Fans
    The Fans
    Episode 19
    For a publicity stunt, horror movie star Pervis Green visits his two biggest fans, "little old ladies" Lavenia and Elspith Pfeiffer. After being drugged, the actor awakes in a coffin, made up as a vampire. The elderly sisters, unable to distinguish between movies and reality, have locked Pervis in his own private chamber of horrors, demanding he repent for his evil ways.moreless
  • The Trial
    The Trial
    Episode 18
    A ruthless developer is put on trial by a group of sideshow freaks. By bulldozing the circus to make way for a condominium, he's destroying the place the "family" calls home--a family he was once part of.
  • Dear Cora, I'm Going to Kill You

    Popular advice columnist Cora Blake lives in fear knowing the car bomb that killed her husband was meant for her. She informs the police she's going into hiding, not even telling her close friend Harry where she's headed. Isolated at her brother's seaside home, she becomes terrorized by someone who inexplicably knows she's there.

  • Faulkner's Choice
    Faulkner's Choice
    Episode 16

    Playboy Jonathan Faulkner tries to murder his wealthy grandfather to get at the rich relative's money. The grandfather tells him not to waste his time because he's already knocking on death's door. Soon, the old man passes away and leaves to his greedy grandson the key to his safe. It's accompanied by the warning that it contains either a fortune in cash or a bomb.

  • Campaign '20
    Campaign '20
    Episode 15
    World-renown scientist David Zack is trailing his opponent in the 2020 presidential campaign. He schemes to use his latest invention, a time-travel machine, to make sure his competitor is never born. He sends a humanoid to the past to prevent the man's parents from ever meeting.
  • Dear Beloved Monster

    Professor Jonathan Slater's experiments with DNA go awry when he accidentally creates a hideous reptile-like creature. The monster escapes the lab and claims several victims as it takes refuge in a nearby lake. After the deaths, the professor resolves to kills the creature himself. The poison he pours into the water only briefly knocks the monster out. Once it reawakens, Professor Slater realizes he can't bear to destroy his creation.

  • The Homecoming
    The Homecoming
    Episode 13

    Rip Baker has always been hated in his hometown of Flatt Junction. He leaves to return years later as a rich man. During his his absence, the town has fallen onto hard times and most people have moved away. The few that remain are bitter when Baker refuses to share his fortune with those in community.

  • Scared to Death
    Scared to Death
    Episode 12
    Constance knows that her much younger husband, Evan, is having an affair with her nurse, and that he's hastily stashed her in the closet. That why she demands that he immediately brick up it up. Not wanting to lose out on his rich wife's money, he does as she says. Constance thinks the nasty little problem is behind them until the supposedly dead nurse starts appearing around the house.moreless
  • George
    Episode 11

    George Manners is awakened one night by his ex-wife Blanche and a man named Hammer who force him at gunpoint to go off with them. Eventually, George escapes from the pair and runs to a police station to tell them his story. The cops find George's story odd; they inform him that Blanche and Hammer died three years earlier.

  • Marcie
    Episode 10
    Widower John Quentin makes the younger and attractive Elizabeth his wife. Unfortunately, his teen daughter, Marcie, has no intention of sharing her father's affections with anyone. Elizabeth tries to convince John that she is being terrorized by the jealous girl, but he refuses to see his daughter for the horror she is.moreless
  • Murder's for the Birds
    Wealthy Lily Parkhurst has been living on borrowed time for years thanks to a bad heart. Her greedy cousin and companion Harold rushes her overdue demise with a well-planned poisoning, knowing there will be no autopsy. Harold hadn't planned on the old lady's cockatoo, Radcliffe, being such a blabbermouth about what he's witnessed.moreless
  • The Upper Hand
    The Upper Hand
    Episode 8
    Roger Carlyle insists his wife Louise look at the fruit press in their basement. He neglects to tell her the stairs have been removed during renovation, causing her to plunge to her death. Jenny, the Carlyles' maid, knows it was murder and begins to blackmail Roger. To regain the upper hand, Roger begins staging "accidents" for himself, hoping to pin them on Jenny.moreless
  • Seeing Is Believing
    The cast and crew of a horror movie are shocked when an actual monster visits the set.
  • A Game of Hearts
    A Game of Hearts
    Episode 6
    Thomas Sullivan is a respected heart surgeon who clamors for even more recognition. He has the chance to perform a heart transplant on a fellow man of science when a laborer, killed in an automobile accident, is brought in. That man isn't quite as dead as he appears, but Sullivan takes his heart nonetheless and transplants it. Events take an eerie turn when the donor's body disappears and Sullivan begins getting unsettling phone calls.moreless
  • Happy New Year, Aunt Carrie
    Wheelchair-bound Aunt Carrie is celebrating New Years Eve with her young niece and nephew when she hears gunshots. From her window, she witnesses a murder in an apartment across the courtyard. Carrie and the killer lock eyes, so she knows he's coming for her next. The murderer doesn't realize that, though unable to walk, Aunt Carrie is smarter than he is.moreless
  • The Obituary
    The Obituary
    Episode 4

    Former pilot Willie Tremaine, the sole survivor of the airliner he was flying, is visited by the reporter who alleged Willie was drunk at the controls. Pettit brings with him an obituary of Willie and his wife's death dated for that day. Tremaine becomes frantic, fearing the reporter is there to harm him and his family.

  • Dr. McDermitt's New Patients

    The life of Jill McDermitt, a successful manager of a computer department, is disrupted by the arrival of her brother, Tom. Dr. McDermitt is conducting some strange experiments and needs patients to run tests on. He finds all the patients he needs in a nearby cemetery.

  • Heart to Heart
    Heart to Heart
    Episode 2
    A wealthy woman who's raised a nephew in luxury has tolerated the insolent young man long enough. She informs the ingrate that she's changing her will to remove him as sole heir to her estate. Before she can act, he intends to exploit her heart condition and pin the murder on "the monster", a crazed killer roaming the countryside. Richard doesn't realize that the aunt is already anticipating his scheme.moreless
  • The Lake
    The Lake
    Episode 1
    Arthur Randall's marriage is over (he's in love with his secretary), but his wife refuses to give him a divorce. It's suggested to him that the couple try and work things out, so they go to their cabin by the lake. While boating, she falls overboard and drowns. Arthur pulls the ring from her finger as she's going down--the ring he intends to give to his secretary.moreless