The Ex List

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on CBS
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During her sister's bachelorette party, Bella visits a local psychic to get her fortune told. Surprisingly for Bella, the psychic tells her that she has already dated her future husband, and that if she doesn't marry him in the next year, she'll remain single forever. Following signs that come her way, Bella tracks down one of her exes, who has become a rock musician since their break-up.moreless

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  • An original start.

    I laughed with this episode. Maybe it's not the best comedy ever made, of course it is not, but I found it original, at least this first episode. Bella has to make a list of all her ex boyfriends because if she doesn't marry one of them n a year she'll end alone. In this episode we meet the last ex, a guy who didn't want to hear about compromise, and one from years ago called Johnny and who was and still is a singer, but with a completely different style. Like I said, I laughed because some situations appeared on the pilot were really funny. I have to admit that although I thought Johnny (it's always great to see Eric Balfour on a TV series) would be a great boyfriend, I knew his revenge was clear. Seeing William Russ, who plays Bella's father, reminded me that great series called "Boy Meets World" I watched when I was a child.moreless
  • A show on finding love.... how boring

    i said to myself even thought cbs canceled moonlight i would not watch this show. well i did and it was a big mistake. This show is boring and really unfunny. Insteed of watching this show on fridays i am going to go online and try to find episodes of moonlight. yes we moonlight fans are still around even though cbs thought that we would quite asking to get moonlight back. CBS if you keep this show it is not going to get no more than 6 and a half million viewers which is sad because moonlight had 8.9 million viewers. Please cancel this show and bring back moonlight.moreless
  • Ex number 1.

    I don't know how I ended up watching this show but I did and I'm not disappointed. Completely funny, from the first five minutes downward I was cracking up. I'm not too familiar with the characters (well duh it's the pilot) but I like them already and only time will make or break them. If this is the first ex we see the others can either be way better or Lord forbid worse. That dude was scary, "I want to suck your blood"? It took her a month to break up with him- why the long wait. I think I'll be seeing more of this show; it's been a while since I watched CBS (since birth) but now I have reason to be there.moreless
  • a good start for the new sexy show

    i loved the first episode of the show , good chose of the actross , and the story is quite good and new .

    the first episode had shown us the general idea of the show with the start of bella journey of finding her groom , and the first story for the 1st guy of the list was awesome . he really get his revenage , it was sweet and the lovely thing about the show that its funny , entertaining , and sexy .

    if the show conitinue like this iys gonna one of my favourite :D . .moreless
  • A refreshing start to a very light and (most of the time) fun show.

    I didn't want to like this show. In fact, I had vowed not to watch it in the first place but then I did, and I had virtually no expectations.

    First off I have to say that I'm really glad I gave this one a shot. Yes, the Bella character may be a bit desperate and sad, the supporting characters are rather cartoonish... but it wouldn't be the same whow without those things either. Overall the first hour showed that The Ex-list is vibrant and entertaining, as well as harbours huge potential. It doesn't shy away from intimate subjects (the pubic hair sub-plot, for example) that I never thought they would discuss on network tv. Plus, who doesn't need her/his share of light-heartedness once in a while? I think this is a keeper.moreless
Eric Balfour

Eric Balfour

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Mark Deklin

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • We learn that Elizabeth Reaser's character is named Bella. Coincidentally, she plays Esme, Edward's mother, in the popular Twilight, where her son's girlfriend is also named Bella.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Daphne: Oh my god, my ring is gone.
      Bella: No. no no, don't freak out.
      Daphne: I'm not freaking out.
      Bella: (As they search the ground) You know I'm great at this.
      Elliott: An earring?
      Daphne: No.
      Bella: No, engagement ring. I'd ask you to help but I doubt you know what one looks like and I don't have time to draw you a picture.

    • Johnny: How did such an ugly mole end up on such a foxy lady?

    • Cyrus: (about Bella's growing mole) Maybe it's a sign. You should see if psychic chick can read it.

    • Vivian: You are supposed to love me no matter what. Anything I do...whatever!
      Augie: That's ridiculous. So if you gain two hundred pounds and become a serial killer, I'm just supposed to roll with that?

    • Bella: I know it's your weekend with Rufus, but I just really need to be with him tonight.
      Elliott: Are you booty calling our dog?

    • Marina: (to Bella) Do me a favor? For the next five minutes pretend you don't know everything.

    • Bella: (When arriving at the psychic) I think this is the natural bachelorette party progression. Go for sushi, ride the mechanical bull, a little pseudo-lesbian stuff over at the giggle palace, ending with clarity, insight and peace of mind.

  • NOTES (3)