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Brides make way for divorcees in this ABC reality series. More than half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, and this show sets out to prove that divorce can be a powerful catalyst for personal transformation. Along with life coach/author Debbie Ford, actresses and experienced divorce experts Angie Everhart, Shar Jackson, and Marla Maples meet with men and women engaged in the dissolution of their marriage and get them set on paths away from their pasts and into their futures. Experience the wild emotional ride that includes physical makeovers, professional changes, financial uproars and revenge fantasies ignited by incendiary legal proceedings.
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  • pretty pathetic

    Personally I have something against this show. Well teaching heart-broken men & women how to move on & giving them makeovers & rewards to increase their self confidence is also very good. But however sometimes this show creates an unrealistic situation of moving on. It's the revenge segments. It dosen't matter if the men or women deserve the revenge they get doing stuff like dropping cars out of planes or blowing up boats is vandalism & vandalism is illegal & what's even more silly is that they are able to do all this yet not be charged with a criminal offence. Plus doing stuff like that is not only extremely mean & illegal but unhealthy. No matter what the situation revenge in that extreme are not healthy for the soul. The best revenge is living a good life & moving on which is shown in all episodes but it's hard to find people to be likeable when the pull off very mean-spirited acts like this.moreless
  • I think this is going to be a great show I just saw it tonight and what was done for those two people was a true blessing I cried ,

    from my summary Both of there stories touch me I was so happy for both of them I had problems with my weight for 6 years and for someone who suppose to love you no matter what... for sickness and health to do that he was'nt worth years and for someone who suppose to love you no matter what... for sickness and health to do that he was'nt worth I was so happy she found love again it's easier to get over something with help when you alone it's hard I loved the show I will watch every week the best part was the end when her EX saw her happy that was great everyone has been hurt but most people can't get back at there EX that way it was great...

    I think this show will do Great because so many people can relate to this Men and Women , Everyone has been hurt or dumped by somebody how many times , in a person life they thought i wish my Ex could see me now and this show is doing that that why I think it will be a great sucess and I'm gonna tell my friends about itmoreless
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  • Me
    I would be perfect for this show, I had a bad marriage with domestic violence, pulled myself out after 7 years, gained weight, liv...
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