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The Ex-Wives Club

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Unknown Jun 04, 2007 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Episode 2
A veteran from Orlando and a Schenectady, N.Y., nanny receives assistance. She's dealing with weight and self-esteem issues.
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  • Well I happen to know both Robert and Tory...Let me just tell you Tory is a disgusting pig who lost custody of her first 2 daughters beacuse she is an unfit mother. She is nothing but trash.moreless

    Instead of whinning about what is already done maybe she should focus on cleaning up her act and becoming a positive role model for her girls. I hope to God she loses custody of her remaining child..She has done nothing but mess that poor thing up and will continue to do so.. So yeah no sympathy from me. Grow up and get over it. Maybe someone should look into her backround and will realize she has no credibility.moreless
  • Changes need to made.

    I as of yet very feel very uneasy about this show. From what I have seen on one episode one woman seemed to be done wrong by her ex and her ex-husband was brought into the show kind of. We did get a chance to see or so it seemed that he felt like he was the one that messed up. The wife found happiness in herself and re-married. But there are always two sides to a story. So the whole thing still made me feel a little uncomfortable.

    The second was a man that seemed to have been done wrong by his ex-wife according to his story. But he admitted when she got caught with another man and he gave her an option to choose between the two of them, she instantly chose the other guy. That tells me there were problems in the marriage. The court gave her full custody of their child so that tells me something there too. There is a whole lot more to this story then being told. So again the whole thing makes me feel uncomfortable. I believe some changes should be made on the show for everyone who is involved. Maybe each person could just go in saying what he or she now feel like but not talk against or about the ex-spouse.moreless
  • 98% percent of what Rob Fessler said on your show is a LIE!!

    My review of this episode is very simple. Rob Fessler is a LIAR!! Do you people even screen these people before putting them on National Television? My husband and I are OUTRAGED that Rob would come on National Television and make Tory out to be some BAD WIFE. Tory has been through h*** because of Rob! I think you people need to do some research on MR. ROBERT FESSLER! Tory was my next door neighbor and a very close of mine, until Rob entered the picture. My husband went into the same unit as Rob was in after Rob was out of the military. It is true that he went to Bosnia, but he never went to Iraq. He went to Kuwait for training and that was it!! Rob was never in the "Danger Zone" as he claimed. Though it is dangerous over there...if you rate it on a scale of 1-10....it would have been a 1 for that time.

    Rob and Tory didn't even have Kayla when he came home from Kuwait. They had just gotten married and didn't find out Tory was pregnant until they were getting ready to move to Florida.

    We often wondered why Tory would just leave and not stay in contact with us. That just wasn't her. Tory and I just recently found each other again on MYSPACE, and are trying to pick up where we left off. We have 4 years to make up for thanks to him.

    I think you should have had Tory on the show as well. Rob wasn't very truthful with Tory about what happened on the show and she had to see it all for herself last night with millions of others. This is someones life you are playing with....I think you need to be more aware and more careful about the people you choose to do a show like this!moreless

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