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ABC (ended 2007)


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    [1]Jun 8, 2007
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    I would be perfect for this show, I had a bad marriage with domestic violence, pulled myself out after 7 years, gained weight, live for my kids, and now I'm ready to work on me, and move on!!!
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    [2]Jun 13, 2007
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    I was trying to find the link to be on the show but this is as close as I have come. While watching the show I saw where they were saying if you could be a candidate for the show to go to and I did but there was nothing about sending them any information about what I have been through. Maybe the show is not going to air long enough to help any others.
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    [3]Jun 18, 2007
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    I have also looked for the info to submit an "application" to this show, can't find one. I was with my husband for 14 yrs., married for almost 10 years. After years of verbal and emotional abuse from him, I got hit hard with my 8 yr old son coming to me and asking me why Daddy calls me a slut and a whore when he looked those words up (dictionary in hand) and I wasn't what they the definition said. That was so hard, we were raising 4 very intelligent sons! I wanted my boys to grow up and know how to respect and treasure the women they have in their lives, they weren't seeing that at home. It hurt to leave, because I was raised by a single mom and I was scared to death! It wasn't always easy, still isn't (we are struggling to find a home to move to that I can afford on one income,yet big enough for 5 of us) but we are still standing and still fighting. My sons are my inspiration for the every day struggles and for obtaining my future goals.

    Meanwhile, my hubby is residing with a woman that has 5 children, 4 different dads, and she thinks she has the right to tell me what I am doing wrong with my sons. Her 3 oldest children don't even live with her (and 2 of them end up at my house every time they have problems at home with my ex and their mom). Her 17 yr old son hates her because she has chosen to stand behind my ex (even after he helped her lose her home, her job and her kids because he decided to smoke crack and sell off most of their most expensive possessions and not pay bills). The girlfriend makes "comments" about my having to work alot and not spend the time with my kids, while she stays home and can be there with them. She has told her 17 yr old that she should've had an abortion with him. And then she "thinks" she should have the chance to "raise" my sons!! Ha Ha! I work because i have to to pay bills and feed my kids. I don't go out drinking all the time. I don't date 20 different guys and when I'm not working, I am home with my children. I hold my head up and take pride in my sons and pray that they have a strong enough foundation with me as their mom to overcome the negative they've had in their little lives. God Bless!

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    [4]Jun 25, 2007
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    I don't know why this application processis becoming a curse. It may renew for next season. We'll see.
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    [5]Jun 1, 2008
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    The show's cancelled but I wish the best of luck to all of you.
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