The Ex-Wives Club

ABC (ended 2007)


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  • pretty pathetic

    Personally I have something against this show. Well teaching heart-broken men & women how to move on & giving them makeovers & rewards to increase their self confidence is also very good. But however sometimes this show creates an unrealistic situation of moving on. It's the revenge segments. It dosen't matter if the men or women deserve the revenge they get doing stuff like dropping cars out of planes or blowing up boats is vandalism & vandalism is illegal & what's even more silly is that they are able to do all this yet not be charged with a criminal offence. Plus doing stuff like that is not only extremely mean & illegal but unhealthy. No matter what the situation revenge in that extreme are not healthy for the soul. The best revenge is living a good life & moving on which is shown in all episodes but it's hard to find people to be likeable when the pull off very mean-spirited acts like this.