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    [1]Jan 6, 2012
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    Turns out it doesn't suck. Wasn't that impressed by the pilot, but subsequent episodes have gotten better. I don't think it's a tier 1 "Must See" kind of show, like TBBT or HIMYM, but it's a decent tier 2 show.

    There's some irony in the series name, being a tier 2 show populated by actors well known for roles in previous tier 1 shows (TRFTS, Scrubs, Seinfeld).

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    [2]Aug 1, 2013
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    I disagree, i love this show and I find it extremely entertaining i love the acting and i love the jokes

    unfortunately its not getting much attention and i am worried about its future but its on tvland and im hoping it pulls a hot in cleveland and gets a few more seasons i think the only reason its being snubbed is that its on a small network
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