The Exes

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  • The Exes

    Amazing show! I love it, I honestly think this show is amazing, Everything is good about it, plot, cast, writing its all amazing.
  • No way to like this show.

    Dirty, unfunny, tasteless jokes, unlikeable divorced men (surprised any woman would marry them in the first place), stupid acting and plot-less scripts. After trying to watch parts of both seasons I finally gave up and deleted this one from my DVR. No entertainment to be found in this quarter.
  • Casting is Everything

    The show is pretty good. The writing is very hit or miss. Some episodes are incredibly well written and others are a little weak which means the cast has to carry the script. A great comedic actor can make the most mundane jokes funny and that's what Leah Remini has brought to this show. She's a tremendous addition to an already strong cast. Her comedic timing and delivery is exceptional. If anything, the show's writing (and maybe direction?) hinders her and the rest of the cast. That being said, I'm gaining a tremendous amount of respect for her as a comedian and an actress and I'd love to see more of her on this show! I'd love to see a few episodes where Remini and Johnston take the lead in steering a plot... I get an awesome Lucy & Ethel vibe from them. Pair those two up in zany exploits and hilarity will most certainly ensue!
  • Love It!

    This show is awesome!
  • Love this show

    I think this is a pretty good show I've seen in a long time and I think Leah Remini should become a regular, I think she's great, the show is so much better with her on it, I can't wait to see her &Kristen together they'll make a great team, some reviews complained about Leah being bossy but that's the best part of her, she does bossy better than anyone.

    Leah is the perfect addition, she keeps me watching, she goes I'll go!
  • WHY do this

    I am very disappointed with new cast from the "king of queens". We have Holly as the domineering one of the men, now we don't need her. Didn't like the king of queens because of her non acting self now she is on my favorite show. When u have good show like the exes why would u put a bossy mouthy actress like her on it. You wrote her in please write her out.
  • Terrible TV

    Show is horrible! Not funny in the least, TV Land is pathetic to constantly repeat the same episodes of all their shows! Seriously, they play the same episode of these lame new sitcoms 10 times in the same weekend as if they force it upon you to like them! The exes and Kirstie both are terrible!
  • Idiots

    This show is so stupid, I'm laughing the entire time.
  • Simply An Idiot wouldn't love This Show

    The Cast, each and every one of them are hand picked and Hilarious. A simple, straight to the point comedy that deserves to be watched.
  • bowlesmdb

    they couldn't find anyone with talent to do this show so they had to just make it as vulgar as possible, i'm just sorry that a 1 is the lowest rating i could give it.
  • I quite like it!

    This show is not bad at all! It sort of grows on you, at the beginning it looked like your average sitcom but then I started to really like it. The jokes are sometimes a bit over the top but then again all in all I find it funny and not vulgar.
  • Opening Song

    Love the show, great talent and very funny lines.

    The opening song is annoying and needs to be removed.
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