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AIRED ON 2/2/2016

Season 1 : Episode 9

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Set 200 years into the future Thomas Jane who stars as Detective Miller.  This after humans have colonized other planets (worlds).  Conspiracy is ripe but not limited to Mars or Earth alone, its the entire universe.  The enemy looks at the new inhabitants as a threat and do not consider them to be human.  Was the expansion worth it or will it add to our demise? What secret does this vessel hold and when everyone find out will it be to our advantage?


    Syfy Renews The Expanse for Season 2

    Get ready for another season of Thomas Jane's hat.


    The Expanse Series Premiere Review: The Next Great Thing If the Story Ever Gets Started

    A muddled opening hour of The Expanse was buoyed by a great-looking space show!

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    • Wow. I'm glad I checked under my radar.

      As a rule, I hate Syfy as a network, because they don't normally make things I wanna watch. The last thing they did that I truly liked was BSG & after the rebrand, I kinda liked the Being Human US reboot as background fluff, but everything else I tried was just irritating tripe to me.

      12 Monkeys couldn't hold me

      Dark Matter & Killjoys irritated my inner geek

      I did like Continuum, but that wasn't a syfy show so it doesn't count

      This show show however grabbed me by the boo-boo & said, "PAY ATTENTION YOU FART-KNOCKIN' BASTARD!!"

      Spoiler: I'm a big fan of my boo-boo, so I felt it was in my best interest to give the show my undivided attention, so I did.

      What I discovered was that I enjoyed the shit out of watching it.

      I didn't originally see that coming when I started & now, I'm really looking forward to season 2

      Spoiler #2: After a full season binge, it turns out that me & my boo-boo are ok.moreless
    • A good plot with decent effects and mind intriguing show

      First, the serie is great nice plot. Reminds me a mix of Total recall+ Blade runner + (a bit) mass effect and the Husks. For long time that I don't see a story-line so filled with unknows that will settle later on in a very nice intricate series of events. Nice anti hero (T. Jane). Some viewers complain about the story's slowness but those should go watch Dexter or something like that. The actors diversity and different accents are very good, and the importance to details looks good.

      Please don't screw up this and make at least 5 more seasons .... you guys have time .... built a nice plot before going to the Alien world. You have time can wait: ) .... and don't make it less confusing to the average joe. average Joe can com go watch The Chronicles of Shannara style script.

    • Finally, Sci-fi that trusts its audience to pay attention.

      Credit where credit is due: this show expects you to take in and puzzle out the world-building breadcrumbs for yourself. Most sci-fi does not trust the audience to pick up on the clues about the setting and story context. What info the show does convey has already caused some viewers to complain of the story's slowness. However, I think taking time to emphasize the concerns of the different factions proves necessary. Imagine how draggy this show would be if the show didn't trust its audience to pick up on subtleties, though.

      The most obvious point in the show's favor, what you recognize if you can't get anything else from the story: the show looks good. The arrangement of the shots, the color palettes, the attention to detail, all speak well for the show's quality. The story immediately engaged me, set up with a mystery at its center. The actors were all satisfactory or better. At the start of the show, I was not too crazy about the male leads, but Thomas Jane settles into Miller by the fourth episode, and goes on to play him with subtlety and nuance (adding more to his character than what is established in the books, I feel). Even the actor playing Holden improves. Jared Harris cast as an OPA leader is a huge bonus.

      A valid concern mentioned in the fan reviews is the difficulty in interpreting what the Belter characters are saying. But even if you can only understand a vague word or two of the Belter patois, the gestures provide some context, and the struggle to understand what the Belters say is analogous to trying to understand their lived reality on stations and ships far away from the habitable planets, divorced from the security planet-living can bring. Eventually, the differences between Belters and Earthers/Martians serve to highlight the on-going conflict between Man and his environment.

      As for those complaints about adult-oriented scenes, those people didn't do their research. The show is rated MA and is in the 10PM time slot. However ludicrous the comparison to Game of Thrones, GoT in space is the leading comparison in all the headlines. Figure it out.moreless
    • Stongest new Sci-fi show of the season

      Finishing the season has left me satisfied, and craving for more. The show is fully serialized and plays similar to to a movie or perhaps more accurate like a book, there is almost no procedural elements here(well, there is, but only in regards to the full 10 episodes). I really would have liked it to have been 13 episodes, perhaps giving room to more politics and interworld drama.

      I throrougly enjoyed the complexity and the many story threads. I already plan on picking up the book and will try and read it close to that start of the second season.

      I can understand why many might find the complexity a deterrent, but I will recommend the show(and I have) to anyone who like their Sci-fi books.

    • Great Production values and unclear story

      I have read (and watched) a lot of Sci Fi in my lifetime. Some is complex but still satisfying.

      Expanse so far, after finishing the finale, still is confusing to me. I know that there are bad people and some less than good 'good people'. I know, it just might be me but the first season just seemed like a long long intro to a story that has barely began. Lots of questions and would have liked to have a little more clarity moving forward.

      Do admit the finale was enjoyable... more action which meant less obtuse conversation.

      There are a number of very good Sci Fi shows on right now... Mr Robot and 12 Monkeys come to mind ... not sure I want to commit to next season of The Expanse.moreless

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