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The Extraordinary

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The Extraordinary is an Australian TV show that focuses on scientific skepticism with host Warwick Moss investigating the unknown. Moss goes across the world in search of the paranormal and the skepticis who believe in the supernatural. The season starts with Moss heading to South Wales to investigate an alleged alien abduction. Skeptic Jeffrey Wright claims that extra terrestrials kidnapped him while driving home from a football game, telling Moss that he has a video to prove it. The show then focuses on a clairvoyant woman living in South Africa who claims she can read the Moss' thoughts. As the season progresses, the curious host investigates ghost sightings, spontaneous human combustion, levitation and cryptozoological myths, including, the Loch Ness monster, Yowie and Bigfoot. The season ends with Moss heading to Roswell NM to get the scoop on the UFO crash landing of 1947 and checking out a ghost that appears in a Melbourne rock band's music video.