The Facts of Life

Season 5 Episode 18

Big Fish/Little Fish

Aired Unknown Feb 08, 1984 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Jo: Look, you're not the same with other people as you are with us. Around here you're yourself. Goofy. But out there you're always "Blair Warner: Harvest Queen". You're always telling people what to wear and what to eat and how to eat it.
      Blair: Maybe you're right. Thanks.
      Jo: Ya know, another thing... You shouldn't worry what people think of ya. So they see you fall on the ice, what difference does it make? You're... human.
      Blair: I understand what you're saying Jo. Thank you.
      Jo: Ya know, another thing-
      Blair: There's more?
      Jo: Blair! Come on! We're out in the world now! Things are different. You gotta get down off your pedestal and start being yourself.
      Blair: I'm not sure I know how to do that.
      Jo: Sure you do. Just loosen up a little.