The Facts of Life

Season 5 Episode 15

Crossing the Line

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 1984 on NBC
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Crossing the Line
Tootie's brother and her cousin Michael visit Peekskill and Natalie quickly takes a liking to Michael. They start getting really close and Natalie really likes him. Despite this, Natalie decides to put the brakes on the relationship and Tootie thinks the reason Natalie is backing off is because of his skin color.moreless

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Lisa Whelchel

Lisa Whelchel

Blair Warner

Kim Fields

Kim Fields

Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey

Mindy Cohn

Mindy Cohn

Natalie Green

Nancy McKeon

Nancy McKeon

Joanne "Jo" Polniaczek (1980-1988)

Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae

Edna Garrett (1979-1986)

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    • Blair: (to contradict Jo's assertion that Blair's family belongs to a segregated country club)
      Just last month, my mother attended an event - WITH a black man.
      Mrs. Garrett: Blair, that man was a king!
      Blair: ...of a small country.

    • Natalie: (after learning Tootie has lied to her cousin Michael that she (Natalie) cannot go out with him over the weekend) THERE'S GONNA BE YELLING!

    • Natalie: This is so weird. I'm talking about being prejudiced with someone who's black. But I couldn't have this conversation with anybody but you. You are my best friend.
      Tootie: You know, I never think 'my best friend is white'. I just know 'my best friend is Natalie'.

    • (Talking to Michael on the phone while Natalie looks on)
      Mrs. Garrett: You want to send Natalie flowers. You heard she was in the hospital?
      Natalie: I'm in the hospital? What's wrong with me?
      Mrs. Garrett: Tootie called you and said that Natalie can't make it this weekend because she has tonsillitis? Could you hold on a second please?
      (Natalie grabs the phone)
      Natalie: Hi Michael, it's me, Natalie. Yes I can talk, the wonders of modern medicine. Oh, but still send the flowers. To Tootie. She's gonna need 'em!

    • (To Natalie)
      Jo: I think it's great that you hit it off with Michael. I think Michael's a great guy and you shouldn't go out with him anymore.
      Blair: Here come the good reasons.
      Jo: Blair, I don't have a problem with what she's doing, but there are a lot of narrow-minded jerks out there who do.
      Blair: All of a sudden she cares what other people think.
      Jo: Blair, Natalie could be a lot of trouble here. Where I come from black and white couples have a way of winding up black and blue.

    • Natalie: I'll take [the phonecall] in the living room.
      Tootie: I'm coming with you.
      Natalie: Tootie, it's my phone call.
      Tootie: Natalie, he's my cousin. This phone call is under my jurisdiction.
      Natalie: I wish you'd stop making up laws all the time.

    • Tootie: How much in tips did you make Blair?
      Blair: I did... fine.
      Natalie: Fine? Could you round that off to the nearest dollar?
      Blair: Six dollars. But it's not my fault! Customers are so picky. They always want exactly what they order.

    • Michael: Are you good at making decisions?
      Natalie: Yeah. No. Well, sometimes.

    • Jo: What do you know about waiting tables?
      Blair: Plenty. I've been waited on all my life. Now Jo, what is the first rule of waitressing?
      Jo: If a customer tries to flag you down say 'it's not my station'.
      Blair: Now don't snarl Jo, nobody tips a Gloomy Gus.
      Jo: Look, I don't need you to tell me how to wait tables. My mother is a waitress.
      Blair: True, true, but your mother is a cocktail waitress, dear. All she needs to do is tell people they've had enough and turn down marriage proposals. I do those things on an average date.

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