The Facts of Life

Season 3 Episode 9

Dear Me

Aired Unknown Dec 23, 1981 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Todd Hollowell who plays Zack Peters in this episode is the same actor who plays Tootie's boyfriend, Jeff, in seasons 5 and 6.

  • Quotes

    • Blair: I swear I will never meddle in Tootie's life again. And if I do, promise me you'll shut me up any way you have to.
      (Jo grins)

    • (After discovering Tootie made up a fake boyfriend)
      Jo: Why would she do that?
      Blair: Why? I'll tell you why; to make a fool out of Blair Warner!
      Jo: You don't need Tootie for that.

    • Blair: How could I be so insensitive?
      Jo: Practice.

    • (Tootie reads a letter from her fake boyfriend)
      Tootie: I shouldn't be jealous, but I know you're too good for me and I don't deserve you. Why is this cruel world keeping us apart? I can't go on with this torture...
      Blair: You know, every man that's ever loved me has said those same words.
      Jo: "I can't go on with this torture"?

    • Jo: No kiddin', you're penpals? That's cute.
      Tootie: Cute?! Teddy's letters would melt the chrome off your exhaust pipe.

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