The Facts of Life

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Jun 11, 1980 on NBC

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  • Blair gets Sue Ann to join "the group". Little did she know what it would entail.

    This episode of Dope is very powerful and deals with the subject of smoking pot. I believe there are two underlying issues here. First issue is the use of an illegal substance which happens to be dope and the other issue is the peer pressure, (wanting to fit in with a particular group or clique). I was surprised to see the Sue Ann character actually smoking "dope". This topic was so controversial that it was banned on "Nick at Nite". Note see "Breaking Point" episode. It is again a very informative episode of the two issues mentioned above. I am glad that this show basically broke new group on the controversial subject. I am quite impressed with this episode. I highly recommend this episode to all people. I believe that younger viewers should be accompanied by an adult so that they can learn from these issues.
  • Blair and Sue Ann join a club,only to find out they smoke joints.

    The last episode of the "Original" Facts of Life, and what an episode it was. As Blair and nemisis Sue Ann joins a socail club of sorts. Not really knowing what to espect, till they get there, as the unique club are a bunrt out on drugs. The uniqueness of this episode. is one of socail awereness, and what can happen when you smoke a joint.Tootie comes in to see what's going on.
    Subplot; Mrs. Garrett and the other girls, trying to buy a stereo.This while not a great part of the story,till we see Mrs. Garret, Tootie and Natilie coming from the music store with "drug" pipes, that Tootie thought was something for candy,
    Totally a refreshing episode filled with both comedy and drama.