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What is your 4 favorite scenes that included all for of the girls at one time.

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    Mine are the Painting scene from when they had to repaint their old room. Also the Take my finals scene where they got in to the pillow fight. The post graduation scene in their old room is nice. However, my favorite has to be when their cruising in Blairs Caddie and they are sitting at the gas station, and they all start singing the Righteous Brothers Loving Feeling.

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    I also like the one when they're taking finals. I crack up EVERY time Natalie realizes her exam-hat is broken! "Oh, Good, Good! I'm losing a bolt, I working at half-wattage here!!" (Always wanted a hat like that during school!!)

    I like the one where Blair & Jo go to get their hair done. There's some kind of mix up and Jo ends up blond & Blair's hair turns green! I love when the string quartet they hired doesn't show, and they're imagining themselves playing heavy metal music. Tootie has on that glitter-gold wig, jamming on her instrument with her tongue sticking out!!

    I also like the one where they were competing to be back-up singers for El Debarge. Andy named the band: "Sexy Lingere," And Blair (maybe Natalie) kept complaining about Tootie burping through their audition.

    My ALL TIME FAVORITE: The episode where Tootie is dreaming that Blair is 'killing' everyone for being middle-class. I love it when they're in the store accusing Beverly Ann of killing Andy... the look on Tootie's face, Classic!!

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    I also love the Exam Hat one, and the Graduation one, and especially the one in "Cruisin'" when they all sing, I also like the one where Jo, Natalie and Tootie are trying to make a lot of pizzas for a fraternity party, and they're trying to flour pans, take out the finished pizzas, grate cheese, etc, all at the same time and Tootie, or somebody accidentally throws flour and they get four all over their faces and hair and after a while, Blair comes in and tells Jo how much she's aged (she thought the flour in her hair was gray hair)

    But my very favorite is when they put on that Christmas show on for a whole bunch of convicts. They all do the show very well, but it's Blair's turn, and she goes out and starts to sing "I'll be Home For Christmas" a capella, then Jo comes in and plays the piano, Mrs. Garrett, Natalie and Tootie come out and sing, and then all the cons start to sing...that will get me bawling every time I see it.
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    The first one I pick is when they also pull together to help Edna remodel Edna's Edibles into Over Our Heads. It showed how much they all supported an cared about each other. The second would be when they each chip in $1000 to help remodel the attic into a new bedroom. This showed that even though they were old enough to do such, they weren't ready to move out yet.
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