The Facts of Life

Season 7 Episode 3

Grand Opening

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1985 on NBC

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  • The beginning of a new era.

    Not only did Over Our Heads start in this episode, this was the four girls first experience at owning a business. When the girls gave Edna their insurance checks from the Edna's Edibles fire, this effectively made Edna and the girls equal partners in the business, with the five women each owning a 20% share of the business, with Andy being promoted from errand boy to part-time worker. Gone are the days of selling gourmet food such a quiche, sandwiches, and salad, are now the days of selling cookies, cards, inflatable objects, candy, memorabilia, and so much more. A great way to start the new era.
  • Big hair, bad fashion and a crazy mix of stuff to buy.

    So the 7th season was obviously beginning to stretch things and they felt they had to spruce things up a bit by changing the store.

    Looking back at it, it seems like it was totally the wrong thing to do.

    Over our Heads opened up with the fashions of the day (yuck! did we wear that stuff?!), big hair and lot of crazy stuff in stock.

    When I look at what they were selling, I think it would have done much better as a "Dollar Store". But I guess those really didn't become that popular until the 1990s anyway.

    The show was painful to watch. Tootie going on and on about the great moment they were experiencing was so bad it made we want to turn it off.

    I think the only good part in this episode was when some good 80s music was playing (which will probably all be replaced if this season gets to DVD).

    I really think that the show should have been cancelled at the end of the 6th season or they should have taken a completely different direction.

    Mrs. G, Blair, Jo and Natalie all seemed out of place and I don't think the actors were happy to be there still.

    Skip this episode unless you want to endure some mild pain.