The Facts of Life

Season 7 Episode 2

Into the Frying Pan

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1985 on NBC

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  • Changes were made to the house

    The episode opens showing the house with a dolled up look. What was once wood stained with green and white wallpaper, was wood painted white with blue and tan wallpaper. This is a perfect 80's look whenever you remodeled your house in 1985. It also showed the struggle of finding an inexpensive contractor to redo the shop. They later gained an inexpensive contractor in a then unknown and young George Clooney, playing George Burnett. After George was fired and they hired Zeke to finish, they regretted how the treated George. After George checked the results, the store was then named Over Our Heads, inspired by their situation, with George being the first regular to frequent the shop.