The Facts of Life

Season 6 Episode 14

Me and Eleanor

Aired Unknown Jan 02, 1985 on NBC



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    • Natalie: (Whispering) Have you seen Tootie?
      Jo: (Whispering) She's not in here.
      Natalie: Well good!
      Mrs. Garrett: What's going on?
      Natalie: I've been hiding from her all day. She wants to know what I thought about her play.
      Mrs. Garrett: Why don't you tell her?
      Natalie: 'Cause it was bad. Worse than bad.
      Mrs. Garrett: How bad could it be?
      Natalie: Remember that play I wrote in the seventh grade about the cowboy on the Lusitania.
      Mrs. Garrett: It was very nice.
      Natalie: It's worse than that!
      Mrs. Garrett: You're kidding?!

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