The Facts of Life

Season 5 Episode 21

Mother and Daughter

Aired Unknown Feb 29, 1984 on NBC



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    • Tootie: Mom, the most important thing to me in this world is acting, but you keep putting it down. Diane: I just don't want you to get hurt. Tootie: If being an actress means getting hurt, I'll get hurt. Diane: I didn't know it meant that much to you. Tootie: Well it does. Diane: Then Tootie, if you want to be in show business be an entertainment lawyer. It's just as exciting as acting and much more stable. Tootie: See Mom, you're doing it again. Diane: What?! Tootie: You're telling me what to do! Diane: Well I'm sorry! I can't just say 'okay' to everything you want to do. I'm your mother. I have a responsibility. If you tell me you want to jump off a building, I'm supposed to say 'Yes'? Tootie: Mom! I want to be an actress, not a... stuntwoman! Diane: ...What?

    • Diane: Alright, let's try to look at this thing without getting emotional.
      Tootie: But you don't understand Jeff.
      Diane: Of course I don't! You never even mentioned him! You never mention anything!
      Tootie: I try but you don't listen. You're too busy talking, that's why I never even bother. 
      Diane: That is a lousy thing to say.
      Tootie: Well it's true! And I thought we didn't want to get emotional.
      Diane: I am not emotional! I am mad! I wanna know why it is your friends love to talk to me, but you clam up like a, a, a clam!

    • Natalie: We had a blast. They have this statue out in front. Kelly: This big bronze guy up on a horse. Natalie: Oh, it was beautiful. We T.P.'d from his legs to his waist, and Jeff got his arms, and Tootie- Diane: Tootie? Natalie: ...missed it all! But uh, I'll fill her in later. Mrs. G, is it okay if I sleep over Kelly's, thanks, I knew you wouldn't mind, see ya. Mrs. Garrett: Natalie! Why didn't Tootie tell us she was going with you? Natalie: Am I my roommate's keeper?

    • Tootie: Mom, please! I'm too upset to eat lobster.
      Natalie: You must be devastated!

    • Blair: I've gotta find something to wear to this punk costume party they're throwing at Sigma Kappa Pi tomorrow night. I need some old disgusting clothes. Jo?
      Jo: What?!
      Blair: Will you lend me something awful?

    • (To Jo) Diane: There is a better way. Let me show you. Let's say you and Blair have a dispute. This is a hypothetical case. Natalie: Not in this house.

    • Diane: Just look at it as a way of settling disputes, getting things done without using force. Jo: I don't know, you gotta admit force has its good points. Blair: Jo's hoping to attend the Chuck Norris School of Law.

    • Natalie: I'd be proud of my mom too if she were lecturing on law at Langley. Of course my mom wouldn't lecture, she'd scold.

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