The Facts of Life

Season 3 Episode 19

New York, New York

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1982 on NBC
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Both Blair and Jo head to New York to meet two old friends. Blair discovers her old friend, Dina, is the same old snob she's always been and Jo discovers her friend, Jesse, is the same old prejudiced bully she's always been. Blair and Jo soon realize their friendship is much more meaningful.moreless

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  • Jo and Blair go to visit friends in New York. The visits prove the old adage you can't go bak home again.

    This episode centers on Jo and Blair. They are taking a weekend trip to New York to visit friends. Jo packs her things in a backpack, while Blair has several suitcases.

    They wait for their friends to meet them in a diner. Blair's friend arrives first. The greetings between them are so socialite that you have to laugh. Her friend is not that polite to Jo.

    Jo's friend arrives. Their greetings to each other are more down to earth. The friction between the four girls is evident. After some less than nice verbal exchanges they all head out.

    At Dina's apartment, the girl is dismayed to discover that Hildy, the housekeeper is at the dentist. Seems she is expecting guests for lunch. Blair very matter of factly says they can fix the lunch themselves. Dina has a really lousy attitude. Blair works on preparing Tuna Salad. When Hildy comes in, Dina jumps all over her. Blair is shocked at Dina's behavior. It is clear that the two girls are no longer the same. Blair has grown beyond the NYC spoiled brat that Dina is.

    Jo and Jessie go to a neighborhood community center. The friction begins when an elderly gentlemen asks them to pick up the checkers he dropped. Jessie jumps on him for asking. Jo picks up the checkers and asks Jesse why she is reacting that way. The two discuss how the neighborhood has changed. Jo is accepting of the changes which infuriates Jessie. Jo stops her from vandalizing an ethic mural. Jessie storms out, but then comes back and she and Jo leave together.

    The two scenes illustrate just how much Jo and Blair have both changed. Going back to visit old friends did not quite meet their expecations. Blair arrives late at the diner where they are meeting to head home. The waiter lets it slip that Jo was worried.

    They don't share a lot with each other about their weekend, but the viewer can tell that the two girls are more than ready to go back to Eastland, which has become their home instead of NYC.moreless
Lisa Whelchel

Lisa Whelchel

Blair Warner

Kim Fields

Kim Fields

Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey

Mindy Cohn

Mindy Cohn

Natalie Green

Nancy McKeon

Nancy McKeon

Joanne "Jo" Polniaczek (1980-1988)

Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae

Edna Garrett (1979-1986)

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    • (After a weekend of shopping)
      Blair: If there's anything adorable left to buy in Manhattan it certainly isn't my fault.

    • Jo: Isn't that beautiful? Do you smell that?
      Blair: What is that?
      Jo: Grand Central Station, New York. I feel like I died and went to heaven.
      Blair: Well, it smells like something did.

    • Jo: I can't wait to get back to my old neighborhood. I miss that New York attitude.
      Mrs. Garrett: Rude and hostile?
      Jo: Yeah. Up here everyone is so, "Have a nice day."

    • Tootie: I can't wait to hit those slopes tomorrow, Mrs. Garrett. And I know Natalie's gonna love it.
      Natalie: 'Cept Natalie's not goin'.
      Tootie: What?
      Mrs. Garrett: Natalie, I thought you were looking forward to this weekend.
      Natalie: I was. Then I woke up this morning and had this very vivid picture of myself in a full body cast. Do you have any idea how many signatures it takes to cover something like that? I don't know that many people!

    • Dina: I remember when you couldn't even make your own bed.
      Blair: That's still not my best thing.

    • Blair: Tuna salad; that's tuna, mayonnaise, and something crunchy. Name something crunchy.
      Dina: Diamonds.

    • Jo: (to Blair) You're so spoiled that if you were milk, the expiration date would read B.C.

    • Blair: Little words for little minds.
      Jo: Just who's mind are you calling little, muffin head?
      Blair: Hers, and don't you call me names you grungy grease monkey.
      Jesse: Why don't you go to the garbage dump and turn yourselves in?
      Dina: Why don't you... turn blue!

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