The Facts of Life

Season 7 Episode 1

Out of the Fire...

Aired Unknown Sep 14, 1985 on NBC
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Out of the Fire...
After returning from their summer vacation, the girls discover that Edna's Edibles has burned down. This leads the girls to discuss rebuilding and opening up a new business.

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  • This episide was the end of an era.

    The girls come back from their vacations only to be shocked that their place of work and residence has been scorched by a fire that started in the kitchen. Not only were the store and kitchen damaged, but also the living room and bedrooms. The only rooms not effected were the attic, basement, and garage. I was touched by Andy's niceness. I was partially in tears when I first saw this, as this saw the end of an era. Little did Edna, Andy, and the girls know, their adventure was just beginning.moreless
Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae

Edna Garrett (1979-1986)

Lisa Whelchel

Lisa Whelchel

Blair Warner

Kim Fields

Kim Fields

Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey

Mindy Cohn

Mindy Cohn

Natalie Green

Nancy McKeon

Nancy McKeon

Joanne "Jo" Polniaczek (1980-1988)

Mackenzie Astin

Mackenzie Astin

Andy Moffet (1985-1988)

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    • Mrs. Garrett: Girls. I would like to say something about today.
      Natalie: (To herself) Uh oh. I hear a speech coming.
      Mrs. Garrett: We are on the verge of a new era in our relationship.
      Blair: (To herself) I love you, Mrs. Garrett. But keep it short.
      Mrs. Garrett: We're going to be partners.
      Jo: (To herself) We're going to be here until Monday.
      Mrs. Garrett: Together in the good times and the bad. Sharing the profits and the heartaches.
      Tootie: (To herself) I think I'm going to cry.

    • Mrs. Garrett: I'd insist on one thing. You wouldn't work for me. We'd all be partners.
      Jo: Partners! You mean. 50/50. (Pointing to the other girls) Uh 50/50/50.
      Blair: Good, Jo. We'll let you do the books.
      Natalie: Partners. I could live in Europe. And every week you could send me my profits. (Grabbing her check & handing it to Mrs. Garrett) Mail it to Maxine's. They'll know where I am.

    • (The girls offer their insurance checks to help get the new shop started)
      Natalie: You guys. Look at this place. We could hold a telethon for ourselves.
      Mrs. Garrett: We'd have to find a very cheap contractor.
      Natalie: Impossible!
      Mrs. Garrett: We might get merchandise on 30 days approval.
      Natalie: But it's doubtful.
      Mrs. Garrett: We'd all have to want it.
      Natalie: We came so close.
      Mrs. Garrett: It's doable.

    • (After Mrs. Garrett tells the girls she doesn't want another business)
      Mrs. Garrett: I haven't got the heart to rebuild. (Wiping off the table) I haven't got the money. (Sitting down)
      Tootie: Well, you got your insurance.
      Mrs. Garrett: It wasn't enough. I didnt' want to tell you because I was too embarrassed. I never updated my policy.
      Jo: Mrs. G that is so dumb.

    • (After Natalie and Tootie explain that each person has their own department for the new shop)
      Jo: And what do you do, Natalie?
      Natalie: Nothing. I'm going to Europe.

    • (After Natalie pulls out another item)
      Blair: Diana Ross clothes hanger.
      Natalie: It used to have back up hangers but now she hangs alone.
      (Natalie and Tootie break up laughing)

    • (After Natalie pulls out a hamburger lamp)
      Jo: You want her to open a Hamburger Lamp Shop.
      Tootie: You have to open your minds to this. Think trendy. Think potpourri. Think eclectic.
      Blair: Think ugly.

    • (As Jo comes through the window) Jo: The dorms are all booked up. Blair: I have asked you not to do that. Jo: What? Blair: Walk through the window. It only draws attention to the fact that we haven't got one. Anybody could be watching. Jo: Ooh, yeah and this is a real looters paradise. Oh, whoa. (Looking around and grabbing a basket) They'll come from miles to get this. Wait a minute. I'll save them the trouble. Yo. Come and get it. (Jo throws out the basket out the window) Now we don't have to worry. (As Natalie and Tootie come through the window carrying shopping bags and the basket) Natalie: Do you believe what the firemen left outside?

    • (After Jo asks if the girls' have known a time when Mrs. Garret has lied)
      Tootie: You remember that time Ron Hooper called and Mrs. Garrett took the message.
      Blair: Yeah, He had to break our date because he had the flu. (Tootie shakes her head no) He didn't have the flu! (Tootie shakes her head no) He wasn't even sick! (Tootie shakes her head no) He hated my guts!
      (Tootie shakes her head yes) I knew that!

    • (Natalie says she's going to Italy)
      Tootie: Sure. Cut and run.
      Natalie: Tootie. My travel agent has put me on a really tight schedule. I get to Venice one minute late. I miss my tour. I run to catch up. I fall in the canal. I drown.

    • (While talking about sleeping arrangements)
      Andy: You can all stay with me.
      Jo: Thanks, Andy. But your parents don't have enough room.
      Andy: It's a time of crisis. And I have that great big bed.
      Jo: Andy!
      Andy: Jo. It will really help my reputation. Oh, I promise nothing will happen.
      Jo: Thanks for the offer.

    • (After Andy comes in)
      Andy: I just heard. I couldn't believe it. I rushed right over. (Opening his arms to hug the girls) Come to Andy. (The girls look at each other and go over to hug him)

    • (As the girls are going through their things)
      Tootie: I thought of a but.
      Blair: What?
      Tootie: Just listen. Okay. All of our things are ruined. Okay, our guts have been torn out by this. But there is a positive side.
      Blair: Jo. She's going to be positive. Don't let her do that.
      Jo: Hey, she is just trying to make us see that there is something good even in the worst situation.
      Natalie: No, no. I think she's trying to say that overcoming a struggle is what makes people grow.
      Blair: You see I got something totally different. She knows it's the pits and she's just being annoying.
      (Jo and Natalie together)
      Jo: Yeah that's it
      Natalie: Yeah, you've got it.

    • Tootie: Natalie. Here's your photo album. And it's not even wet.
      Natalie: No, it's just melted. (Opening the album) Oh there are black spots where people use to be.
      Jo: Well, some of them are alright.
      Natalie: Here's me and the black spot. The black spot and a friend. Ooh and look the black spot goes to Disney World.

    • (As Mrs. G explains how the fire happened)
      Mrs. Garrett: The only real damage was to the kitchen. (The girls look around the shop) Well there's smoke and water damage but at least no one was hurt.
      Jo: Well. It's just the kitchen and the shop.
      Mrs. Garrett: And the living room.
      Jo: Well that's not that bad.
      Mrs. Garrett: And your bedroom.
      Jo: Our bedroom.

    • (As the girls come back to see that Edna's Edibles has caught fire)
      Jo: Oh my God.
      Tootie: How? How?
      Natalie: There's nothing left.
      (The girls walk in farther)
      Blair: A fire. There's been a fire here!
      Jo: We know.

    • Tootie: You know it's just great to be back together again.
      Blair: I can't believe this is going to be my seventh year in Peekskill. (To herself) The smallest, dullest town on the face of the Earth.
      Jo: Another year with the people we know best. (To herself) I give us two weeks.
      Natalie: I'm going to miss you all. (To herself) Tuesday's Florence. Thursday's Napels.
      Tootie: You'll be back. Face it we're inseparable. (To herself) You'll be back. Face it we're inseparable
      Mr. Smith: You know I may come off as a cynic but I envy you of your friendships. (To himself) I wonder where she's carrying her money.

    • (As Tootie talks incessantly about herself)
      Natalie: (To herself) I'm going to nail her mouth to the floor. I can picture it now, she'd have a spike through her tongue but the lips will still be moving. She's just keep whining on and on about how she'd never do something like that to me because she's my best friend. And if it makes me feel good to nail her tongue to the floor, then she's glad that I did it. And...
      (Tootie stops talking and stares at Natalie)
      Natalie: Oh, excuse me. I was just thinking.

    • (As Blair talks about her shopping spree)
      Jo: (To herself) Tell me she didn't shop all summer. Of course she did. She's Blair. She's never going to change. On the way to her grave, the procession is going to stop off at Bloomingdale's.

    • (As Jo talks about her time at the kids camp)
      Blair: (To herself) Kids again. Heaven knows I love kids but if I have to spend another year listening to her do-gooder, social working drivel. (Applying lip gloss) I'm going to loose my mind.

    • (As the train takes off)
      Natalie: I made it.
      Tootie: Oh, Natatlie. You made it.
      Natalie: Did I have a choice. You called me three times. Then you sent me a comfirming letter. Then you called to confirm that I got the letter. I took my phone off the hook and you sent me a balloon-a-gram.

    • Blair: Just because you can cram all your clothes into a gym bag.
      Jo: Well, at least I don't need three porters
      Blair: Do you see three porters?Where? Come on. Show me.
      Jo: All right. All right.
      (Jo turns and Blair digs some money out of her purse and give it to the porter)
      Blair: Share it with the others!

    • Tootie: Is anyone sitting here? (After saving seats on the train)
      Mr. Smith: No.
      Tootie: I am looking for three girls. One blonde. Two brunettes. Late teens. Medium height. Have you seen them?
      Mr. Smith: No
      Tootie: I knew it! They're going to miss the train. I woke up this morning and I said "Tootie." That's me. "Tootie, they're going to miss the train." I don't know how I knew it. Call it a hunch. Call it intuition. Call it a gift. I don't know. I can't explain it. I won't try.
      Mr. Smith: Thank you.

  • NOTES (5)

    • This episode was videotaped on July 23, 1985.

    • Beginning with this episode, the closing credits take on an updated instrumental form replacing the vocal credits from Seasons 2-6.

    • The "Over Our Heads" logo does not appear in the opening credits during this episode, although the new theme music and clips do. The "Edna's Edibles" logo appears for the first two episodes of the season.

    • The show now has an updated sounding opening theme, and opening credits show the girls from previous seasons growing up.

      Mackenzie Astin is now included in the opening credits.

    • Edna's Edibles is burnt to a crisp as seen in this episode. They begin a new trinket store called Over Our Heads, and will be the regular hang out to the cast. Again, Eastland is not shown.