The Facts of Life

Season 3 Episode 24

Read No Evil

Aired Unknown May 05, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

At the beginning of the episode, Jo and Natalie come into the cafeteria, and Natalie is furious. She reports to Mrs. Garret that there have been some occurances at the library that make her awfully angry. Natalie explains that one magazine, and four books have been removed from the library for some "evaluation" of inappropriate content.

At hearing the library has begun to ban some of the books many students have enjoyed for many years, Mrs. Garret decides to get involved, but Mr. Parker has some other ideas. He claims that the board of directors made this final choice after groups of demanding parents threatened to take their children out of Eastland School.

Being a determined newspaper editor, Natalie writes an editorial that is definitly quite controversial. In an attempt to show the school's decision is final, the nespaper advisor appoints a new editor.

Now, Mrs. garret decides this fiasco has gone too far, and something must be done about it. Alone at the board meeting, Mrs. Garret is still determined, but she soon finds that her girls have more determination than she had given them credit for.

Jo, Natalie, and Tootie had written up a newsletter that was sent to all of the parents explaining Eastland's situation about banning some of the books. Before long, many parents that had never even been to an Eastland School board meeting, start showing up to demonstrate their opinions about the banned books.