The Facts of Life

NBC (ended 1988)





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  • The annoying blond episodes

    I loved this show. Watching Natalie blow up like an Oompa Loompa was priceless. Tuti getting hamburger meat caught in her braces was gross but hilarious. Jo and Blair going at each other all day as if there were things going on behind the scenes that No one was aware of. It rhymes with huff and what you do when you jump off the springy thing attached to your pool. I hated the episodes with Natalies snobby friend Kelle. She strutted around in the house as if her you know what didnt stink. She had a different guy in every episode. She was always complaining that her jaw hurt too. Whats up with that? She did look hot but in a " look but dont touch" kind of way. All the guys she brought to the set knew the difference between prada and gucci handbags, whatever that meant. She thought she was funny and oh my god, she laughed all the time. It made me want to barf. If they had just kept that **** off the show, it would have lasted forever.