The Facts of Life

Season 1 Episode 1

Rough Housing

Aired Unknown Aug 24, 1979 on NBC



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    • (After Cindy tells Mrs. Garrett her time clock started)
      Cindy: And the best thing of was, Greg winked at me.
      Blair: He what?

    • (After Cindy comes down the steps)
      Blair: Look. I'm going to do something that I've never done before in my life. I'm not going to be very good at it. (Looking at Mrs. Garrett) I apologize. I was really rotten.
      Cindy: I guess someone who can admit that they're rotten, really isn't.

    • (After Mrs. Garrett calls Blair out on talking a good game)
      Mrs. Garrett: Well, you know what they say, "If you're advertising, you must be selling."
      Blair: I'm not that kind of girl. You can ask any guy that I've dated. I'm a tease.
      Mrs. Garrett: (Laughing) A tease. Boy oh boy oh boy. You sure could have fooled me.

    • Cindy: Maybe Blair is right. I don't feel nervous around girls. You know me. I'm always hugging and all that junk. I gotta stop that.
      Mrs. Garrett: Don't you dare? Up here at the school, these girls are your family. There's nothing wrong with hugging and touching. It shows that you're a loving person and that's good. The only people who'll you that it's wrong, are the ones who can't reach out and do it themselves.

    • (Referring to Blair)
      Cindy: She was right about me.
      Mrs. Garrett: Right about what?
      Cindy: About me hugging and touching girls all the time. Not caring about boys. Mrs. Garrett. Maybe Blair is right. Maybe I'm not normal.

    • (After Cindy tells Mrs. Garrett she's doesn't need the dress)
      Mrs. Garrett: You're going to go to the Harvest Ball like that? I mean, whoever heard of Queens in jeans.

    • (After scaring Miss Mahoney in the window)
      Arnold: Miss Garrett. Can I hide in here?
      Mrs. Garrett: Why sure, honey? What's the matter?
      Arnold: What ain't the matter? (Climbing down from the window) There I was. Girls to the left of me. Girls to the right of me. Padding, poking, pinching. Any dents to my cheeks.
      Mrs. Garrett: No permanent damage. You look darling.
      Arnold: That's what the girls' said when they dressed me up as Elmer Fudd, the farmer. It's a curse to be darling.

    • (After Cindy hugs Sue Ann and says she loves her)
      Blair: Cindy. What's wrong with you?
      Cindy: What do you mean?
      Blair: All this touching and hugging girls and I love you. Boy, are you strange!
      Cindy: I didn't mean anything

    • Cindy: Sue Ann. I got another problem. I don't know what to do at a dance?
      Sue Ann: Oh, that's a cinch. Lesson one: Try to seem flattered when the nerd asks you to dance.
      Tootie: Yeah. Say, "Gosh, thanks, Nerd."
      Molly: Don't say anything. Just grab him.
      Blair: And remember Cindy. You're suppose to be the girl. Try not to lead.

    • Cindy: I don't even own a party dress!
      Natalie: You can wear the one my sister gave me. I grew out of it before I grew into it.
      Mrs. Garrett: It happens to the best (Putting her hands on her backside) of us dear.

    • Mr. Bradley: Who is going to represent Eastland at the inter school Harvest Queen contest?
      Blair: Well. Since I am the reigning Harvest Queen for two years in a row. Naturally, I'll be in the contest.

    • (After Miss Mahoney admits to being 32)
      Natalie: 32. Wow. So that's what it looks like.
      Miss Mahoney: Natalie. At 32, a woman is in her full prime. And it's not as far away as you girls may think. Some of you are about to burgeon into womanhood.
      Natalie: I thought all of us were burgeons.

    • (As the Drummonds leave for their hotel)
      Blair: Goodbye, Arnold. (Gives Arnold fake kisses)
      Arnold: Don't move? I want to forget you just the way you are.

    • Cindy: You don't have to worry about me, Arnold. I don't like kissing either. (Punching her catcher's mitt) I'm into sports.
      Arnold: Hey, this one's almost human. You wouldn't pull my leg, would you?
      Tootie: Why not? You could use a few inches.

    • (As Arnold comes in seeing all the girls)
      Arnold: Ah. You lied to me. (To Willis) We're not brothers anymore. From no on, we're distant cousins.

    • (As Cindy carries a pig)
      Blair: Oh, you're first date, Cindy. Jusy your type.
      Cindy: You'd probably go for taller pigs, Blair.

    • (As Mrs. Garrett is cutting streamers)
      Mrs. Garrett: Girls, girls. We can't take all morning! We got to get these decorations to the Harvest Fair before there is a change of season.

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  • Allusions

    • Mr. Bradley: I was the Sigmund Freud of Sigma Phi.

      Sigmund Freud was the father of modern psychology.

    • Mrs. Garrett: You should get rid of that little white mustache. You look like Colonel Sanders.

      Colonel Sanders was the creator of Kentucky Fried Chicken. He is famous for his white bushy mustache.

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