The Facts of Life - Season 1

NBC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Dope
    Episode 13
    Blair has gotten Sue Ann in "the group" and Sue Ann is all excited. Blair soon lets her in on a secret that the girls in "the group" smoke pot, something that Blair insists that she doesn't do. However, Sue Ann soon caves to peer pressure and tries it out. Meanwhile, Natalie and Tootie try to infiltrate "the group."moreless
  • Molly's Holiday
    Molly's Holiday
    Episode 12
    Molly is down in the dumps due to her parents getting a divorce. So she gets some help from the girls who plan to reunite her parents. They concoct a plan to have both her mother and father meet up at Eastland, however, things hit the fan, when her father arrives with a new girlfriend.moreless
  • Running
    Episode 11
    Mr. Bradley's need to have Eastland win prompts him to manipulate Sue Ann into competing in a running competition. Sue Ann had previously run but this year decided not to, however, Mr. Bradley uses Cindy's better racing times to goad Sue Ann into competing.
  • Adoption
    Episode 10
    Mr. Bradley gives the girls an assignment having to do with their family trees. However, Natalie is reluctant to show hers in class do to the fact that the family that raised her is her adopted family. This prompts Blair to help Natalie find the name of her real mother by using her mother's clout to cut through some red tape and sealed records.moreless
  • Flash Flood
    Flash Flood
    Episode 9
    A flood hits Peekskill which prompts Blair and Tootie to race out to the stables to save some animals from being washed away. However, the dam breaks and Blair and Tootie become in danger of being washed away themselves, but not before Mr. Bradley shows up to save the day which results in Blair falling hard for him.moreless
  • The Facts of Love (a.k.a.) Sex Education
    Mrs. Garrett begins teaching a sex-education class at Eastland and her tactics are against the more prudish suggestions of Mr. Bradley. Meanwhile, Blair takes the ideas from class and experiments with her latest boyfriend, Steve, a boy whom Natalie has had a crush on for quite some time.
  • Dieting
    Episode 7
    Blair and Sue Ann kid each other about their weight and Sue Ann takes Blair's comments a little too seriously. However, when Blair sets Sue Ann up on a blind date which will involve going swimming, Sue Ann goes on a starvation diet leading to a collapse. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrett also jumps on the dieting wagon, trying to fit in a size 12 dress.moreless
  • Emily Dickinson
    Emily Dickinson
    Episode 6
    Blair is so caught up with her latest boyfriend that she forgets about an English assignment in which she has to write a poem. So, at the last minute she plagiarizes a poem by Emily Dickinson and turns it in as her own. Things get worse when she's the only one who gets an A and Mr. Bradley enters her poem in a contest.moreless
  • Overachieving
    Episode 5
    Tootie's father comes for a visit and doesn't like the activities that Tootie is being exposed to. In particular, he is not pleased that Tootie wants to go to beauty school. Believing that Mrs. Garrett is a bad influence, Mr. Ramsey decides to have Tootie transfer out of Eastland.
  • I.Q.
    Episode 4
    Tootie accidentally comes across a paper which lists the I.Q. scores of each one of the girls. Nancy received the highest score and Sue Ann scored the lowest, this puts extra pressure on each one of them just prior to midterm exams. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrett sets out to conquer the air by taking flying lessons.moreless
  • The Return of Mr. Garrett

    Mrs.Garrett is surprised by a visit from her ex-husband,Robert,who wants the two of them to remarry.However,his gambling ways rub off on the girls who begin gambling on poker games and losing what little money they have.

  • Like Mother, Like Daughter
    It's Parent's Night at Eastland and Blair's sophisticated mother arrives bringing with her, her flirtatious tendencies which prompt rumors when she becomes "friendly" with a married man. This leads to a confrontation between Blair and her mother that does not go smoothly.
  • Rough Housing
    Rough Housing
    Episode 1
    The series opens with the Drummonds (from Diff'rent Strokes) visiting Eastland to see Mrs. Garrett (their ex-housekeeper). They arrive right in the middle of the Harvest Queen competition, and Blair is sure she's going to win. So when Cindy considers running, Blair makes some snide comments about Cindy's femininity.