The Facts of Life - Season 2

NBC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Brian and Sylvia
    Brian and Sylvia
    Episode 16
    Tootie and Natalie go to visit Tootie's Aunt Sylvia. However, they are unaware they are showing up right in the middle of a fight. Sylvia and her husband are an interracial couple and Sylvia has just gotten a job offer in New York and Brian is not to happy about moving.moreless
  • Free Spirit
    Free Spirit
    Episode 15
    Mrs. Garrett's musician son, Alex stops by Eastland for a visit, with tales about how he rubs elbows with other musicians like Neil Diamond and Carly Simon. However, Blair smells a rat when she contradicts one of his stories and when she learns that Mrs. Garrett is still supporting him.
  • Pretty Babies
    Pretty Babies
    Episode 14
    A top fashion photographer is coming to Eastland to find the "Face of the 80's." Blair is certain that she will be picked but to everyone's surprise, he picks Tootie. Tootie is ecstatic and goes to New York for the photo shoot, however, Mrs. Garrett and the girls, discover that being the "Face of the 80's" would have a not-so-fun downside.moreless
  • Bought and Sold
    Bought and Sold
    Episode 13
    Blair gets a job selling cosmetics for Countess Calvet's cosmetic company. In order to boost sales, Blair enlists Natalie's help and turns her into a walking billboard, modeling the makeup. Everyone is in for a surprise when Countess Calvet makes a surprise appearance at Eastland to meet her saleswoman and the walking billboard.moreless
  • The Secret
    The Secret
    Episode 12
    Shortly after winning an award, Jo learns that her jailbird father is getting paroled and would like to attend the awards ceremony. However, an ashamed Jo tries to keep her father from attending and tries to keep secret the fact that her dad was in prison.
  • Sex Symbol
    Sex Symbol
    Episode 11

    Natalie hits it off with Neil, a boy she meets at a school dance and they soon begin studying together. However, rumors are spread that Natalie and Neil did more than just study which leads to other boys requesting to study with Natalie. When Blair, Jo and Tootie laugh at the notion of Natalie being a sex symbol, Natalie soon begins doing all she can to encourage these rumors.

  • Breaking Point
    Breaking Point
    Episode 10
    Blair is running for class president and her opponent in the race Cynthia proves to be just the right person to fill the position. The results are anything but joyous for Blair, who indeed came in second place and soon takes to sulking but when Cynthia commits suicide, Blair has a wakeup call.moreless
  • Gossip
    Episode 9
    When Tootie overhears a secret that Blair confides to Jo, she lets the secret slip which leads to Blair giving Jo the silent treatment. Things get worse, when Tootie mistakes Mrs. Garrett for being drunk, when really her eyes had been dilated by her eye doctor. Mrs. Garrett's job is soon jeopardized when the headmaster learns of the rumor of her "drunken sprawl."moreless
  • Teenage Marriage (2)
    Blair rushes home with the news that Jo has decided to get married and Mrs. Garrett resorts to stall tactics until Jo's mother arrives. Meanwhile, Jo is unsure of whether or not to accept Eddie's proposal but finally decides to go ahead with the wedding, despite the feelings of Mrs. Garrett, Blair, Natalie and Tootie.moreless
  • Teenage Marriage (1)
    Jo's boyfriend, Eddie, surprises her by making a sudden visit to Peekskill, but she gets even more of a surprise when he proposes marriage. Later, Blair becomes determind to talk Jo out of getting married but her attempts blow up in her face as Jo and Eddie have become determind to get married as soon as possible.moreless
  • Shoplifting
    Episode 6
    Mrs. Garrett's birthday has the girls scrambling to get gifts. Jo, Natalie and Tootie decide to buy the Hawaiian shirt that Mrs. Garrett has been wanting, which is on sale. However, when they go to the store they find the sale has ended and Jo promptly decides to steal the shirt. Later, Mrs. Garrett decides to return it and soon discovers it was stolen.moreless
  • Cousin Geri
    Cousin Geri
    Episode 5
    When Blair's cousin, Geri, arrives for a visit, Mrs. Garrett, based on Blair's behavior, thinks she's embarrassed of Geri since she has cerebral palsy. However later Mrs. Garrett realizes she's really jealous of her since Geri is also a successful comedienne.
  • Who Am I?
    Who Am I?
    Episode 4
    Tootie begins to think long and hard about her race and how she's being treated at Eastland, thanks to a new boy whom Tootie took an interest in. Tootie soon begins to shun Natalie, Jo and Blair and even backs out of a dance contest because her dance partner is white.moreless
  • Double Standard
    Double Standard
    Episode 3
    Blair's old friend Harrison Andrews has moved to Peekskill and has enrolled in Bates Academy. Blair becomes certain that he is going to invite her to a cotillion, however she is thrown for a loop when he invites Jo. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrett becomes addicted to Scrabble.
  • The New Girl (2)
    The New Girl (2)
    Episode 2
    Mrs. Garrett bails the girls out of jail and announces that they all have been expelled from Eastland. However, they can stay if they move in with Mrs. Garrett and work in the cafeteria. This prompts Jo's want to leave to become even stronger.
  • The New Girl (1)
    The New Girl (1)
    Episode 1
    It's a new school year and the girls return from their summer vacation. The new year brings a new girl, Jo, a tough girl who hot wires the school van and takes off to the Chug-a-Lug bar with Blair, Natalie and Tootie to meet guys. However, one of the guys they meet happens to be an undercover police officer who hauls them all off to jail.moreless