The Facts of Life - Season 4

NBC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • Graduation (2)
    Graduation (2)
    Episode 24
    As graduation day arrives, Monica is furious that Blair's father won't attend, Rose is furious at Charlie due to his sudden transformation into a big spender and Natalie and Tootie are scared that they will lose Blair and Jo as friends when they leave for college.
  • Graduation (1)
    Graduation (1)
    Episode 23
    Graduation has everyone rushing around and Natalie and Tootie are worried that their isn't going to be enough time for Jo and Blair to say goodbye, especially since Blair and Jo are at each other's throats, as usual. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrett has her hands full trying to coordinate the entire event and Blair and Jo have their hands full with their bickering parents.moreless
  • Take My Finals, Please
    It's finals week at Eastland and the girls are planning an all night study session. They soon find out that studying is going to be hard with so many distractions, including Blair and Jo's fears of the future in college and Natalie's fear of an upcoming Chemistry exam in which she must memorize the atomic symbols.moreless
  • Help from Home
    Help from Home
    Episode 21
    Jo has been accepted at Langley College along with Blair but doesn't tell anyone that she has since she doesn't plan on going due to her and her parents' financial situation. However, when she takes a trip home for the weekend, she learns that her entire family found out the truth and are now counting on her to do well.moreless
  • Who's on First?
    Who's on First?
    Episode 20
    Natalie begins dating an attractive guy and begins spending all her time with him, which leaves Tootie out in the cold. Tootie begins to feel so left out she does the unthinkable she purposefully tries to break them up. Meanwhile, Jo decides to invest in the stock market and uses Blair as an advisor.moreless
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
    Mrs. Garrett is expecting a visit from a French chef whom she once was an understudy for in Paris. However, when he arrives with some of his relatives and then quickly departs leaving his family at Eastland, Mrs. Garrett and the girls are forced to entertain the visitors who speak no English. Meanwhile, the girls do battle with a squirrel on the lose in the Eastland cafeteria.moreless
  • Best Sister (2)
    Best Sister (2)
    Episode 18

    Blair,Natalie and Tootie can't believe that Jo wants to become a nun and Blair accuses Meg of recruiting.However, the real reason why Blair can't accept Meg,comes to the surface when Jo and Meg begin talking about God which leads to violence between Jo and Blair.It seems Blair's attitude stems from events that happened years ago when her parents were divorced.

  • Best Sister (1)
    Best Sister (1)
    Episode 17
    Jo goes away for her first "college weekend" with her latest boyfriend Jason at Yale. Just after Mrs. Garrett leaves to take Jo there, Blair's sister, Meg, arrives for a surprise visit. Meg showing up unexpected is not the only surprise she has in store, she wants to become a nun. That fact is something Blair has a hard time dealing with. Later, Jo has a spiritual experience and decides she too wants to become a nun.moreless
  • Let's Party!
    Let's Party!
    Episode 16
    Tootie is excited about the impending visit of her brother Marshall, however his stay becomes one of fear when he invites the girls to a college party where beer is being served. After the party, a drunk Marshall, insisting that he isn't drunk, offers to drive Blair, Natalie and Tootie home. However, their trip home is interrupted by an accident.moreless
  • Teacher's Pet
    Teacher's Pet
    Episode 15
    Jo has become close friends with her English teacher, Gail, even inspiring Jo to think about becoming a teacher herself. However, Jo is disappointed to learn that Gail is leaving Eastland presumably for a job that pays more but the real reason she's leaving is nothing Jo ever expected. Meanwhile, Blair is not happy about her birthday.moreless
  • Under Pressure
    Under Pressure
    Episode 14
    When the girls learn the Mrs. Garrett has high blood pressure, they do everything in their power to lessen the load. Their attempts include, getting Mr. Parker to plan his own party and take care of a banking problem. However the exploits only make matters worse when Mrs. Garrett wonders why Mr. Parker doesn't want her to plan the party and Blair's attempt at trying to fix the bank problem leads to Mrs. Garrett's car being stolen.moreless
  • Magnificent Obsession
    Blair's latest boyfriend, Chad, means everything to her and she goes all out trying to please him. However, one evening when he takes her out to a dance, he leaves with another woman. This leads Blair to contemplate breaking off this "controlling" relationship with a man she claims to "love".
  • A Royal Pain
    A Royal Pain
    Episode 12
    A new student arrives at Eastland claiming to be an Italian princess. All seems to go okay, but then Tootie catches her with a boy. Since it is against the rules to have an uninvited guest, Tootie starts to become suspicious and uncovers a recurring pattern with Eastland's royal guest.
  • September Song
    September Song
    Episode 11
    The latest man in Mrs. Garrett's life is Henry, her jogging buddy. However, their relationship could turn into a marriage when he proposes. Later, Henry hurts his back and the girls become nursemaids this gives Mrs. Garrett a quick taste of what living with Henry would be like.
  • For the Asking
    For the Asking
    Episode 10
    A Sadie Hawkins Day dance prompts Natalie to debate asking out a boy she's been eyeing. However, his ignoring of her prompts her to boycott the dance and plans on spending the evening with Blair and Jo. But when Blair and Jo get dates, Natalie is the odd woman out.
  • The Big Fight
    The Big Fight
    Episode 9
    Yet another episode that revolves around the boys at a military academy. One of the young cadets, Alfred, invites Natalie to see him box in a tournament. However the only reason he gets into this situation is due to the fact that his father suggested it. Later, Alfred learns that his father isn't even going to attend and is now faced with the possibility of backing out on a fight against an opponent who intimidates him.moreless
  • Daddy's Girl
    Daddy's Girl
    Episode 8
    The IRS invades Blair's life when they question her tax return. Little does Blair know that the title her dad has placed on her is a cover to get out of paying income tax. Blair is even more heartbroken when she discovers that all the personal vacations she has taken with her dad have been written off as business trips.moreless
  • A Woman's Place
    A Woman's Place
    Episode 7
    Jo's got a great part time job as a mechanic working along side her boyfriend, Doug. However, when her talent of fixing motorcycles causes her to get a promotion to weekend service manager, Doug gives her the cold shoulder since she is now his supervisor. Meanwhile, Blair needs Jo's help in getting her Porsche repaired and Natalie becomes obsessed with psychology.moreless
  • Dearest Mommie
    Dearest Mommie
    Episode 6
    Natalie is excited about a job offer to write a weekly column for a New York newspaper. The fact that the job would make her miss school as well as bring her unnecessary pressure causes her to get into an argument with her mother. During the argument, Natalie brings up the fact that she's adopted, this leads her adopted mother to give her the name of her birth mother.moreless
  • Different Drummer
    Different Drummer
    Episode 5
    Blair is instantly smitten with a new delivery boy, Leo. Little does she know that he happens to be mentally handicapped. However, once she makes this discovery she begins to mold him into something he's not. His mental handicap throws Blair for a loop and she has a hard time accepting him for who he is.moreless
  • The Oldest Living Graduate
    Mrs. Garrett and the girls prepare for a visit from Eastland's oldest living graduate, a wealthy woman in her 80s. Jo is not too excited to be assigned the duty of interviewing her for a newspaper article. However, after her interview with Jo, the woman changes her mind about giving money to the school and decides to leave her fortune to Jo.moreless
  • The Sound of Silence
    Tootie has been acting strangely lately and has Mrs. Garrett and the girls wondering what's wrong. Geri and Natalie soon learn that Tootie has developed a hearing problem but Tootie forces Natalie to keep quiet and refuses to get some help for her problem.
  • The Source
    The Source
    Episode 2
    Natalie makes up a source for the topic of her newspaper article on abortion and if she doesn't reveal who the source is, she could be kicked out of school. However, little does she know, that there is someone at Eastland who could fill the shoes of the "made up source"moreless
  • Ain't Miss Beholden
    Jo discovers that her scholarship funds are being cut. However, the one thing that could keep her at Eastland, she refuses to do. That is to apply for a scholarship through Warner Industries, which is Blair's father's company.