The Facts of Life - Season 5

NBC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide

  • The Way We Were (2)
    The Way We Were (2)
    Episode 26
    Flashbacks and memories of the past continue as the girls finish getting ready for their summer vacations. However, saying goodbye to one another appears to be easy for all them especially since fights are brewing between Blair and Jo and Natalie and Tootie.
  • The Way We Were (1)
    The Way We Were (1)
    Episode 25
    Another school year has come to an end and all the girls are preparing or their summer vacation. They each reminisce about the last six years they have spent together (via flashbacks). However, leaving one another on good terms is something that may not happen when an accident causes yet another rift between Jo and Blair.moreless
  • Joint Custody
    Joint Custody
    Episode 24
    Mrs. Garrett's son, Raymond stops by Edna's Edibles for a visit and brings along his wife, Doris, whom he has been having marital problems with. This gets Mrs. Garrett and the girls worried about the future of the shop especially since Raymond and Doris have been talking about a divorce.
  • Seems Like Old Times
    Jo is surprised when her ex-boyfriend, Eddie, who just got out of the Navy, makes a surprise visit. However, Jo isn't the only one who's in for a surprise when Tootie discovers a shocking secret that Eddie's been keeping.
  • All by Herself
    All by Herself
    Episode 22
    Geri is in charge of organizing a charity auction but makes her first mistake by making Blair her assistant. Blair quickly takes over and begins doing things without consulting Geri. Geri in turn fires her and makes her second mistake, not accepting any help from anyone.
  • Mother and Daughter
    Mother and Daughter
    Episode 21
    Tootie's mother comes to Eastland for a visit, and the fact that Tootie doesn't communicate with her mother becomes apparent. Her mother quickly realizes there are many things she doesn't know about her daughter and wants to have an open relationship with Tootie but will Tootie allow that?
  • Dream Marriage
    Dream Marriage
    Episode 20
    Blair is taken by surprise when her boyfriend Cliff, gets an opportunity at a hospital in Dallas and not wanting to end their relationship, he proposes marriage. This prompts Blair to contemplate marriage and her future and she has a crazy dream about a reunion at Edna's Edibles in the year 2000.moreless
  • Star at Langley
    Star at Langley
    Episode 19
    Blair and her boyfriend, Cliff, are serious at least Cliff thinks so but Blair seems to be afraid of commitment and keeps pushing him away. Meanwhile, a movie star, Heather Hunt, is visiting Peekskill and quickly Blair finds herself competing with her for Cliff's attentions.
  • Big Fish/Little Fish
    Blair is distraught when she discovers that Jo has taken her place in popularity on campus. This leads to an argument between the two that ends with Jo refusing Blair's help for planning a party. Meanwhile, Natalie continues to grieve over her father's death and Tootie becomes frustrated with trying to bring Natalie out of her shell.moreless
  • A Death in the Family
    The girls are excited about the upcoming Founders Day parade and they decide on constructing an Edna's Edibles float for the occassion. However, their excitment is dampered when Natalie gets a call with the news that her father has passed away. The girls are shaken by the sudden death of Natalie's father and wonder how to ease her pain.moreless
  • All or Nothing
    All or Nothing
    Episode 16
    Jo is excited to be elected to the Board of Regents at Langley and she has high hopes of getting things done, especially trying to get more money for scholarships. She soon finds herself battling the board over a donation of a scoreboard and will not budge on her position. She insists the students do not want a scoreboard and refuses to negotiate.moreless
  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line
    Episode 15
    Tootie's brother and her cousin Michael visit Peekskill and Natalie quickly takes a liking to Michael. They start getting really close and Natalie really likes him. Despite this, Natalie decides to put the brakes on the relationship and Tootie thinks the reason Natalie is backing off is because of his skin color.moreless
  • Next Door
    Next Door
    Episode 14
    A young boy enters Edna's Edibles and Tootie befriends him and learns that he lives next door. She also learns that his mother works all day and leaves him home alone and tells him never to leave their apartment. When a gas leak is detected on the block the young boy won't budge and it is up to Mrs. Garrett and Tootie to get him out.moreless
  • The Chain Letter
    The Chain Letter
    Episode 13
    Mrs. Garrett is in a frenzy when she gets paperwork from the Board of Health and tries to whip the place into shape in preparation for an inspection. However, the girls are anything but helpful. Blair is worried about her passport photo, Tootie is worried about a science project, Natalie is worried about an article and Jo gets involved with a chain letter.moreless
  • The Christmas Show
    The Christmas Show
    Episode 12
    The holidays bring joy to the girls when they all plan on going home for Christmas but when Jo's mother temporarily moves to Miami, Jo is stuck in Peekskill. The other girls all plan on going home except Blair who plans on going on a ski trip. Meanwhile, Natalie becomes obsessed with getting a stereo from her mother as a gift.moreless
  • The Second Time Around
    Jo's parents come up to Peekskill for a visit and Jo has been enjoying the good times and it begins feeling like they are a family. She begins seeing sparks between her divorced parents and immediately hopes they get back together. However, her hopes quickly become dashed when she learns that her father is planning to marry another woman.moreless
  • Store Games
    Store Games
    Episode 10
    Mrs. Garrett is slowly losing business to a competitor, Pete Dawson, who has opened a shop very similar to hers. The girls are all concerned and set out to combat the competition. Mrs. Garrett decides to try a new recipe, Blair goes undercover to spy, Tootie begins digging in his garbage and Natalie and Jo, with the help of Natalie's computer, break into his computer and alters his recipes.moreless
  • Small but Dangerous

    Edna's Edibles has been targeted with vandalism and Mrs. Garrett and the girls are scared. Streetwise Kelly alleges that the vandalism of Edna's Edibles was the work of a local gang but Jo decides to investigate and we quickly learn that Kelly made the gang up.

  • I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can
    Blair has been dating Cliff and they have been getting very close. The girls are a little surprised Blair is dating him as he is not rich. Meanwhile, for a birthday surprise, Blair and Jo take Mrs. Garrett to a club featuring male exotic dancers, but the one who is in for the real surprise is Blair as she discovers, that to work his way through school, Cliff has taken a job as a male dancer.moreless
  • Advance Placement
    Advance Placement
    Episode 7
    Natalie is allowed to enroll in a college course at Langley College and she quickly gets an overblown ego which quickly threatens her friendships with Blair, Jo and Tootie. Things get even worse when she learns that if she can keep her grade point average up she will be allowed to graduate early and enroll at Langley in the fall.moreless
  • The Halloween Show
    The Halloween Show
    Episode 6
    A strange man tells the girls that years ago a murder occurred in the shop. Later, when the girls see Mrs. Garret with a knife they assume that she's possessed by the murderer's spirit and is out to get them. A scared Tootie, plans an exorcism but then the strange man disappears and the girls believe Mrs. Garrett may have killed him.moreless
  • What Price Glory?
    What Price Glory?
    Episode 5
    Tootie's new boyfriend, Jeff, is the star football player on the football team at Eastland. However, she learns a startling secret that he's been keeping, he's illiterate. She now must decide whether or not to encourage his behavior of having other kids do his work for him. Meanwhile, Jo becomes a tyrant in trying to get the store inventory done.moreless
  • Just My Bill
    Just My Bill
    Episode 4
    Jo's been secretly dating, Bill, a plain guy who attends the same college as she does, but when she learns that he's a rich kid, Jo becomes resentful and angry that he didn't tell her the whole truth about himself. Jo decides to make a scene when he introduces her to his rich parents. Meanwhile, Blair attempts to makeover Jo in preparation for meeting his parents.moreless
  • Gamma Gamma or Bust
    Blair is dying to join the sorority that's she pledging and she volunteers Mrs. Garrett to be the caterer for a rush party. However, when Mrs. Garrett begins making Mexican before consulting Blair, who wanted Chinese, Blair fires her without a second thought. Now, Jo, Natalie and Tootie try their best to make peace between Blair and Mrs. Garrett.moreless
  • Brave New World (2)
    Mrs. Garrett goes forward with opening her own business and names it Edna's Edibles, despite protests from Natalie, Tootie and Mr. Parker who all want her to stay at Eastland. Meanwhile, Jo's living arrangement leads to her getting booted off campus and Mrs. Garrett decides to take her in provided she work in the shop, along with Natalie and Tootie but Blair decides to stay on her own in the dorm.moreless
  • Brave New World (1)
    Jo and Blair have settled in at Langley College and Blair is enjoying having a dorm room all to her own. That is until Jo has dorm issues and suddenly moves in with Blair. Meanwhile, Mr. Parker is driving Mrs. Garrett crazy and she longs for a change. Raymond, her son stops by for a visit and makes a proposal, that she open up her own catering business and she seriously considers leaving Eastland which does not thrill Natalie and Tootie.moreless
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