The Facts of Life

Season 3 Episode 7

Sweet Sorrow

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1981 on NBC
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When her ex-fiance, Eddie, arrives in town for a visit, Jo learns that she's growing apart from him when she finds herself attracted to the man who's playing her husband in a simulated marriage project for a class. Meanwhile, Blair is disgusted with her "husband" a boy named Waldo Wilbur.moreless

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    Lisa Whelchel

    Lisa Whelchel

    Blair Warner

    Kim Fields

    Kim Fields

    Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey

    Mindy Cohn

    Mindy Cohn

    Natalie Green

    Nancy McKeon

    Nancy McKeon

    Joanne "Jo" Polniaczek (1980-1988)

    Charlotte Rae

    Charlotte Rae

    Edna Garrett (1979-1986)

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      • Jo: I'm changing, my needs, it all sounds so selfish.
        Mrs. Garrett: That word really takes a bum rap. What's so terrible about doing something for yourself?
        Jo: And what about other people? Don't I owe them something?
        Mrs. Garrett: You owe other people the very best of yourself.

      • Jo: What am I supposed to do, just go out with every boy who interests me?
        Mrs. Garrett: Why not?
        Jo: You mean "play the field"? That's so... so... Blair!

      • Mrs. Garrett: When are you and Bob going to go out again?
        Jo: We're not.
        Mrs. Garrett: Oh? You don't want to?
        Jo: I do want to.
        Mrs. Garrett: Then you will?
        Jo: I won't! Mrs. Garrett, look, I won't because I want to, that's why I can't, do you understand?
        Mrs. Garrett: Believe it or not, I think I do.
        Jo: Good, then explain it to me.

      • (Pulling a pair of handcuffs out from between the couch cushions)
        Mrs. Garrett: Sometimes I wonder what you girls do when I'm not here.

      • Jo: Some people just can't make a commitment.
        Blair: His name is Waldo Wilbur. I cannot commit to a man with two first names.

      • (Bursts into the room singing)
        Blair: Born free, as free as the la la la la la la...
        Mrs. Garrett: Blair, why are you so happy?
        Blair: (Singing falsetto) I'm getting a divorce!

      • Jo: All this [homework] was finished by eight o'clock. And after that we laughed and talked and had a great time. It was awful. Why did I stay there with him?
        Blair: Because you were laughing and talking and having a great time. Why is that so awful?
        Jo: Because I'm not in love with Bob.
        Blair: Jo, a date doesn't have to lead to love, or going steady. Heck, it doesn't even have to lead to another date!
        Jo: My mother calls that being fickle.
        Blair: My mother calls that "playing the field".

      • Blair: She just has to get used to the idea of you dating other people.
        Jo: I'm not dating other people! Look (Starts leafing through her homework) Look at this work! Simulated Marriage Class Proposed Monthly Budget. Food, rent, utilities, pizza crust... medical, entertainment, does that look like a date?
        Blair: Alright, it was a "working dinner".
        Jo: Who you trying to kid, Blair? It was a date and you know it!

      • Bob: How's your marriage with old Waldo working out?
        Blair: We're looking at twin beds, does that tell you anything?

      • Eddie: You're never gonna believe what they did for the big finish; they had a guy go up a ramp and over 12 cars!
        Mrs. Garrett: How do they do that and not end up like applesauce?
        Eddie: Who knows? I guess you just cross your fingers, spit, and hold on for dear life.
        Jo: No, see, it's like what we studied in math, you can figure it out. If the acceleration is constant, the distance traveled from rest equals one half the acceleration times the approach time squared.
        (Mrs. Garrett looks proud and Eddie looks confused)
        Jo: (Laughing weakly) And then you cross your fingers, spit, and hold on for dear life.

      • (Introducing her boyfriend and her assignment partner)
        Jo: Oh, there's someone I want you to meet. This is Eddie Brennan, my boyfriend. Eddie, this is Bob Perkins, my husband.
        Eddie: Your what?!

      • Tootie: You know Eddie, every time you come up for a visit Jo's so happy she's even nice to Blair.

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