The Facts of Life

Season 9 Episode 25

The Facts of Life Reunion

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2001 on NBC

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  • Awesome movie!

    I hope they make another one someday. Even though George, Sue Ann, Geri, Mr. Parker, and Roy were mentioned, I was disappointed when they didn't acknowledge Beverly Ann, Andy, Pippa, Kelly, Nancy, Molly, Cindy, and Edna's other son, Alex. It helped that these movie writers are die-hard FOL fans. I wished they would have shown the Over Our Heads/Edna's Edibles house that Edna and Beverly Ann owned. Me and many other FOL fans hope another reunion movie happens, we hope to see Jo, Beverly Ann, Andy, Pippa, the four first season girls, George, Kelly, Alex Garrett, Geri, and Roy appear this time. Hey, it could even be a two parter. Even if they don't make a movie, we can always write fanfics at, and then some. Keep up the great work!
  • Terrific Movie!

    I think the rteturn of these fine actor was terrific! It was a great way to memorialize the old show and albeit the perkiness of the old sitcoms were not present, the fact they "WERE BACK" was a sheer spectacular moment of nostalgia for us folks who were at that age of teen life who had the questions and experiences that they were easily able to relate to the "Facts Of Life" show! It was able to penetrate issues and things about life only young people can relate to. Awsome!

    All generations will love those old programs. I guarrantee it!