The Facts of Life

Season 9 Episode 25

The Facts of Life Reunion

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 2001 on NBC



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    • Here's a goof. Little Tootie is all grown up and wants to be called Dorothy. As hard as it is to believe, she has a daughter of her own! Dorothy is thrilled to show her daughter Main Street in Peekskill, but when she does, she shows her the theater where she used to perform but doesn't point out where Edna's Edibles and Over Our Heads used to be!

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  • Notes

    • Actually, Tootie's daughter also says the famous Tootie line "There's gonna be trouble" at the very end of the movie.

    • Lisa Whelchel was on a book tour when she was called about the reunion movie. Nancy McKeon was unable to be in the movie since she was filming her series "The Division" despite the fact that the series and the movie were filmed in the Canada.

    • An in-joke was used to explain Nancy McKeon's absence. When Jo's husband mentioned that "the division" which Jo works in had to go to Los Angeles, Natalie replies, "I haven't seen Jo in a lifetime." Nancy McKeon was unavailable because she was working on her TV show, "The Division," which airs on the Lifetime network.

    • It was stated that Jo was a police officer, this is the same job that Nancy's character does on "The Division". George and Geri are mentioned in the movie.

    • The Facts of Life Theme is heard for a while when the girls visit the school.

    • Blair's and Tootie's memorable lines were also added in the movie.

      Blair: "I just had another one of my brilliant ideas."
      Tootie: "Ooooh, There's gonna be trouuuuble."

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