The Facts of Life

Season 6 Episode 12

The Rich Aren't Different

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1984 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Blair: When you broke my watch and didn't give a thought to how I might feel, you were saying something about me; because I'm rich I don't deserve the same consideration as everybody else. Look, I'm used to be treated differently because I have money. I'm used to people not taking me seriously, and I don't care. But I do care when it's you. You're my friend. You're supposed to know that there's more to me than that.
      Jo: I do. But you know, sometimes you don't make that so easy. You have got so many things, and you throw them around so much that sometimes that's all I can see.
      Blair: I know I can be a bit... flamboyant.
      Jo: No, you can be a pain. Sometimes. Look, Blair, I really am sorry.
      Blair: Yeah, me too. (Grinning) Do you believe we're here?
      Jo: I can't believe you subpoenaed me!
      Blair: Well, what about the guy who served it?
      Jo: Not bad.
      Blair: Well, I had to give you something.