The Fades

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Wednesday 11:55 PM Oct 05, 2011 on BBC Three
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Paul uses his Angelic powers on his twin sister Anna with unexpected results, and then helps the injured Neil. Meanwhile, Neil provides his services as a translator between Mark and Sarah, a new team of Angelics arrive in town, Mac's father arrests a suspect for the murders, and Paul discovers that he can grow angel wings under... unusual circumstances.


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      • Mac: Okay, So, I'm getting Twilight with this. "Previously on..." The dead, the Fades, are walking the earth. And they can't touch and they're angry, and it looks like they're eating flesh in order to fight back, because flesh allows them to touch. I know, so far, so Pac-Man. And then there's these guys with super-powers called the Angelics. They're trying they need to stop these dead people. Particularly Neil and his friend Helen, who is a dead sort of Fade-like ghost, too. But she's on our side. Rrrrey. And Paul, my best friend, has found out that he's an Angelic. His violent dreams are surprisingly powerful for one so small-shouldered. Oh, and Paul has been getting on with a girl, which is extraordinary in and of itself. But you probably have to know him to understand that. Now, who's nicked my Twilight book set? Nano nano.

      • Jay: What kept you?
        Paul: Therapy. I was with my therapist.
        Jay: Wow.
        Paul: My ex-therapist.
        Jay: Anything to be frightened of?
        Paul: I grow wings when I ejaculate.
        Jay: You know, that's quite a good line for you.

      • Mac: I could've been naked.
        Paul: I've seen you naked.
        Mac: I could've been masturbating.
        Paul: I've seen you masturbating.
        Mac: What, when?
        Paul: The school trip to Calais.
        Mac: You were awake...

      • Helen: You know, people misunderstand why Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden. They say it was knowledge that caused them. The Fruit of Knowledge, that's a misreading. Wasn't knowledge that caused them, it was doubt. Doubt of what they were told, and so they couldn't see the beauty around them. And they weren't thrown out. Eden was still there, they were still in Eden. Only its beauty was lost to them. Their only beauty was lost to them. Well, I can see the beauty, so I'm lucky, aren't I?

      • Jay: (undressing) Okay, that was a look I wasn't expecting.
        Paul: What look?
        Jay: I've seen boys pleased, I've seen boys look disappointed. I've never seen a boy look quiet so scared.
        Paul: No, no, I'm not scared. I was just--I was thinking...
        Jay: Thinking what? And you're not allowed to say "films" or what's-her-face from Mork & Mindy...
        Paul: Pam Dawber.

      • Mac: Wow. It's a key. Am I supposed to break it off and--and give half to you and wear my bit around my neck... are we in love? Because I'm flattered, but...
        Paul: It's to my house. Anytime--anytime things at home, your mum or your dad, 3 a.m., whenever. You just come to my place. Sleep in the sofa, sleep in my room, whatever you like. You're always welcome. Because you're family. I've cleared it with Mum.
        Mac: Okay.
        Paul: You do know, don't you, that whatever happens with Jay, you'll always be more important to me, right?
        Mac: Yeah. You do know I'm going to use this key to steal your sister's knickers, right?

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      • Mac: Okay, So, I'm getting Twilight with this.
        References the vampire-themed Twilight series. It is a set of four novels by Stephanie Meyer, the first being Twilight, which was released in 2005. The first book was made into a film in 2008 with the rest of the series following: New Moon, 2009, Eclipse, 2010, and Breaking Dawn, 2011. The saga follows the life of Bella Swan when she moves to Forks, Washington to live with her dad and falls in love with Edward Cullen who she discovers is a vampire.

      • Mac's hand signal:
        Referencing the gesture (ring and little finger together, index and middle finger together) given by Vulcans in the Star Trek franchise, accompanied by the salutation, "Live long and prosper.

      • Jay: So, you're Superman, right?
        Referencing one of the best known superheroes of the 20th and 21st century, Superman, the Man of Steel. First appearing in Action Comics #1 (June 1938), Superman has appeared in comics, movies, TV shows, commercials, and a Broadway musical.