The Fades

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 11:55 PM Oct 12, 2011 on BBC Three
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While his body lies on a hospital bed on life support, Paul's Fade travels the world and meets the newly-crafted John, a Fade made flesh. Meanwhile, Mac tries to find a way to bring back his dying friend, the police interrogate Mark about the mysterious deaths, and Neil tries to find a weapon to use against the Fades.


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      • Mac: Okay. So, here's where we are. The dead, the Fades, are walking the earth. They're angry. They're fighting back. And they do a pretty good job of fighting back, mainly by eating human flesh, which allows them to touch. But on the side of that, there's these guys called the Angelics, who are trying to stop these growing, powerful, eating-flesh dead people, but they keep getting killed off by this Angelic-killing bad guy. He's bad, and not in a good way. And something very strange may have just happened to him. I'm not sure of the details because everybody's pairing up and people disappear. And everyone, they're beginning to ask questions. Like my dad, a police officer. Sadly, he's asking the wrong questions, which is why my history teacher's under arrest for... dead people's crimes. Finally, there's my friend Paul, an Angelic. He's a pretty special Angelic. In fact, he may be the best Angelic. Not that that matters anymore because, uh, he got run over by a truck. A truck. Hell, have you seen my copy of Wizard of Oz, hmm? Nano nano.

      • Paul: Please. Just... just say something. He's not to blame.
        Neil: Sounds like it was his fault to me. responsibility, blame, guilt. Not always bad things.

      • Neil: Paul.
        Phil: So he's really dead, then.
        Neil: Yep. He's really dead.
        Higgy: Shit.
        Neil: And you know what? It's a good thing.
        Phil: A good thing?
        Neil: Because it's not relying on some sort of rescue package now. Okay, Superman is dead. God is dead. The Easter Bunny is dead.
        Paul: Is that what I prove?
        Neil: Yes, that's what you prove.

      • Paul: I'd rather spend forever up here than... I wouldn't help you even if it cost me everything!
        John: Cost you everything? You don't know what "everything" means. For seventy years I watched my suffer while my Fade body rotted away from me. You're a fucking child. And I will not be lectured by you! I was one of the first. Sicily in 1943, killed by a mortar. One of many that year. There was so much death it's no wonder the Ladder got broken. And when it did, I, along with thousands and possibly millions of others, became trapped in the world which I couldn't touch. I could only watch as my loved ones carried on without me. And while I watched, my body continued to age and rot. Not a nice situation. I didn't deserve it, none of us did.

      • Neil: Sarah, am I a... am I good man?
        Sarah: You're a principled wanker who gets confused sometimes. You're also one of the best men I know.

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      • Mac: Hell, have you seen my copy of Wizard of Oz, hmm?
        Referencing the famous book series, The Wizard Of Oz, created by Frank L. Baum, that was made into a movie in 1939. In the novel and subsequent movie, Dorothy Gale is literally blown from Kansas to Oz by a tornado, and tries to find a way home with the help of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion.