The Fades

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Wednesday 11:55 PM Oct 19, 2011 on BBC Three
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Persons are going missing in increasing numbers, and the authorities establish a crisis center at the school to cope. However, when Paul and his friends and family get there, they discover that John and Natalie have already infiltrated the center. Meanwhile, Sarah gives into her hunger and is reborn.


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      • Mac: Last week my best friend came back to life. The day before, he died. A few days before that, he emerged as the most powerful member of this tribe of people called the Angelics. He acquired magical powers that they didn't even think was possible. People used to think he was mad. They were wrong. He's special. But him being special has been a tumultuous time. That's--that's not even half of it. There's these dead people, the Fades, and--and they're trying to come back to life, lead by this dude called John, who died in 1943 and has come back to life by eating human flesh. And now he's got a taste for it, he just can't stop. Yeah, I know. He tricked Paul into helping him rescue this girl called Natalie from the Angelics. And with her help, he's bringing a whole army of dead people back into our town. Meanwhile, the Angelics have their own plan. And those of us stuck in the middle of it--me, my history teacher, Paul's mum, Paul's sister, Paul's girlfriend--just stick out our chin, grin, and try to pretend we understand what's going on. Scary. Now, whose seen my Matrix box set? I'm pretty sure I've worked out who the Architect is a metaphor for. Nano nano.

      • Meg: I don't even know if he's all right or if he should be here. Doctors didn't even want to discharge you. I am allowed to be worried.
        Mac: He's fine, watch this. Lord of the Rings.
        Paul: Why didn't they just fly in and out on the back of a giant eagle?
        Mac: Boom.

      • Jay: You're not even scarred.
        Paul: The doctor thinks me a medical miracle.
        Jay: The doctor thinks you're a freak. You're my freak, though.
        Paul: Yeah.

      • Neil: (to Paul) The past is a hole, and it's full of what-ifs. And I live in the present. You--don't know where you live. You confuse me. one thing I do know is that you are going to matter. And when we find out why that is, you'll have to pick a side. Just make sure you pick the right side, kid.

      • John: One time, during the war, I was fighting alongside this NCO called.. Richard something. They brought a man with his guts ripped out to the hole that we were in. Someone shouted out for medical support, and Richard raised his hand ion the air. "I'm a medic." And I watched him as he went and held this man's guts together. And I watched him die. And afterwards I said to him, "Richard, I didn't know that you were a medic." And then he turned to me and he said, "I'm not. I just wanted to know what the insides of a man felt like."

      • Anna: Volunteering? Seems like an opportunity to seek out some new pussy, more like.
        Mac: If I had you, I'd never let you go.
        Anna: In order for you to have me, I'd have to be gagged, blindfolded, locked in a chest.
        Mac: That could be arranged.

      • Mac: How'd you know where the key was?
        Jay: I volunteer here sometimes.
        Anna: You're a library monitor? My boyfriend's dead and you're a library monitor?

      • Anna: Ahhh, you're mental. You're both mental! Steve's mental, you're mental, and Jay is a fucking library monitor.

      • Steve: I am going to rip your fucking head off and spit down your neck.
        Anna: I'm not afraid of you, Steve. Nobody can be that scary with a dick your size.
        Mac: We're going to die here. I knew this would happen. Death before life. I'm going to die, I haven't even felt a breast in my hand. I haven't even seen a breast. That's your excuse to flash me, by the way.
        Anna: Flash this!

      • Tremlett: You should listen to your friend. He's afraid. I'm surprised you're not. You used to always be afraid of everything.
        Paul: I'm still afraid. I'm afraid of letting my friends down. I'm afraid of not being good enough, I'm afraid of not doing the right thing. But you... I'm bored of being afraid of things like you.

      • John: It's interesting, isn't it? When I kill, people can come back. But when you kill, people are wiped from existence.
        Paul: Yeah? Why's that interesting?
        John: Because I'm the one people think is the monster.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Injoke: The list of victims that DCI Armstrong examines includes several crew members: Gary Norman (Grip), Rob Arrowsmith (Camera Operator) and Julius Ogden (Focus Puller).

      • International Airdates:
        U.S.: February 11, 2012 on BBCAmerica
        Turkey: June 24, 2012 on CNBC-e

    • ALLUSIONS (4)

      • Mac: Now, whose seen my Matrix box set? I'm pretty sure I've worked out who the Architect is a metaphor for.
        Referencing the 1999 movie The Matrix, which presented a computer landscape indistinguishable from real life to the unsuspecting humans trapped within it. The Architect appears in the second and third movies in the trilogy, and is the computer program that created the Matrix.

      • Mac: He's fine, watch this. Lord of the Rings.
        Referencing the fantasy novel series by J.R.R. Tolkein (and three movies based on it) concerning the adventures of a group comprised of humans, elves and hobbits who travel through Middle Earth to destroy an evil ring.

      • Mac: Mission Impossible II.
        Referencing the 2000 action movie, the second in the franchise spawned by the popular 60s TV series, and directed by John Woo. Ethan Hunt and his team undertake impossible missions for the IMF, in this case stopping a deliberate pandemic in Australia initiated to raise stock prices for a pharmaceutical company.

      • Mac: So trap him or something. You're not afraid of no ghosts.
        Referencing the 1984 movie Ghostbusters and the refrain from the theme song of the same name, sung by Ray Parker Jr. and nominated for an Academy Award. The refrain in the song is actually "I ain't afraid of no ghosts."

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