The Fades

Season 1 Episode 6

Episode 6

Aired Wednesday 11:55 PM Oct 26, 2011 on BBC Three
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The Fades have taken over the town and the balance has shifted from the living to the dead. Paul is the only one with the power to stop them, but he must choose his way or Neil's way... and the death of someone close to him will force him to decide.


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  • Different in a good way

    This series has been the best piece of sci-fi TV produced by the BBC since the remake of the The Survivors a few years ago. It was tense, funny, scary, and off the beaten track. The thing that made this show work so well is the beautifully realised characters. In particular, the character of Paul frankly has to be one of the greatest awkward teenage characters ever brought to the screen. A truly pathetic hero, mixing cringe-factor and geeky charm to perfection. On another note, I have seen some comments about 'zombies' elsewhere. This is quite innaccurate. For the record, the Fades are human spirits stuck on Earth and desperate to recover a flesh form, prepared to do anything whatsoever to achieve that end. To me, they are much scarier than zombies. In conclusion, if you're tired of the same old vampire and zombie shows then this 6-part series which flew under the radar may be just the treat.moreless

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    • Mac: In the beginning there was the word. And the word was "shit." The angry dead, the Fades, stand ready to overwhelm the living. And we're not ready for them. Many people have left town already. There's only one person who can do anything. And that's my best friend Paul, who's special. So special that he died and came back to life. He's Frankenstein meets Neo. He's acquired powers that are... freaky. And scary. He's seen what's coming if he makes the wrong choice. Paul wants to set the Fades free. But only one Angelic still believes in him. Yeah. In the beginning there was the word. And the word was "shit." Now... whose seen my E.T. box set, hmmm? The three-disc set with the original celluloid cut? I'm in the mood to... cry. Nano nano.

    • Tremlett: I would just like to know why we are not leaving town. We'll starve here.
      John: Ahh, for someone who used to talk for a living, you're remarkably boring.

    • Paul: Mac was right. I can... this thing, it does have more than one use. I'm, um, I'm an Angelic Swiss Army knife.

    • John: Do you know what my favorite story from the Bible is?
      Sarah: Nobody gives a shit.
      John: Genesis 19. Lot at the gates of Sodom. Sees some angels approaching.
      Sarah: What the fuck is this?
      John: And he thinks to himself, "Now, I can't let the Sodomites, my filthy neighbors, have these angels. These angels need protecting."
      Sarah: What are you talking about?
      John: So he moved the angels into his inn. But before long the Sodomites surround the inn and they demand to be allowed to sodomize an angel. And let's be honest, Sarah, you don't want to sodomize an angel if given a chance. Lot knew that it wouldn't be too long before his inn was pulled apart brick by brick. "Let us fuck them, let us fuck them." So he came up with a plan. And he went outside and he took his virginal teenage daughters with him, and he said to the Sodomites, he said, "I can't let you sodomize these angels. No, no. But why don't you all do your best on these daughters of mine instead?"
      Sarah: I don't like this story.
      John: It gets better. The next day, the angels let Lot, his wife, and his teenage daughters out of the gates of Sodom. And they burnt the city to the ground. And they told the family not to look. However, Lot's wife turned around. Maybe she wanted to see her daughters' rapists burn to death. So the angels turned her into a pillar of salt for disobeying them. And this all meant of course that Lot and his teenage daughters were left to repopulate the entire continent on their own. You see, every nation has its bloody beginning. And now it's time for a new nation. Our nation. And I don't even have to fuck my own daughters to make it happen.

    • John: There once was a boy called Paul, who had an enormous ball. He had pants specially made but he never got laid, that poor unfortunate Paul.

    • John: There once was an orphan called Neil, who didn't quite know how to feel. Abandoned at birth and lacking in mirth, he... he... turned into a bit of a dickhead really.

    • Alice: We're supposed to be the best.
      Sarah: And I wasn't.
      Alice: Then you should have tried fucking harder!

    • Paul: I will, I'll kill you! You know, when I was a kid I used to pretend my dad was a superhero.
      Neil: What's your dad got to do with this? Paul, now!
      Paul: He was a selfish bastard, he just left us. Left my mom in a mess. And I won't be selfish. Not like him and not like you, neither one of you. All this big talk. Neither one of you give a shit about the world.

    • Neil: Don't tell me I was wrong. Don't tell me we were fighting the wrong battles.
      Alice: Fighting the wrong battles? You were losing the wrong war.
      Neil: I am what I am. I'm an Angelic.
      Sarah: No you're not. Not anymore. You're as much of the Fade as I am.
      Neil: You're right, it's over. It's over.

    • Mac: If we're going to die here, might as well tell you why I think we'd make a great couple.
      Anna: Frankly, it'd be easier to just die.
      Mac: The first reason, because we're really similar.
      Anna: If you're going to come and kill us, do it quickly, please.

    • Mac: You want to hear the good news or the bad news? Good news, uh, we're alive. Bad news, I'm going to be your brother-in-law.
      Anna: What? You really aren't.
      Mac: Anna's decided that she's in love with me.
      Anna: She really hasn't.
      Mac: She wants me so much she can't control herself.
      Anna: She really doesn't.

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    • Mac: Now... whose seen my E.T. box set, hmmm?
      Referencing the 1982 s.f. movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, which features a small brownish alien stranded on Earth who befriends a boy. The movie then chronicles E.T.'s attempts to communicate with his people and get home despite interference by the U.S. government.

    • Mac: But on the inside he's... he's Spider-Man with balls.
      Referencing the Marvel comic book character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, and who first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 (Aug. 1962). Peter Parker, bitten by a radioactive spider, gains spider-like powers and becomes a superhero. The hero, Marvel's icon, has had several of his own comic book series and appeared in TV shows and movies.

    • Mac: He's Batman without the wanking.
      Referencing the Caped Crusader, created by Bob Kane in 1939. The DC Comic Book heroes have been seen in many TV shows and movies since, both live-action and animated.

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