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BBC Three (ended 2011)

what a great series..ep5

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    something stricking regarding the differance with britt and american tv is the way american tv always has the hero right and ready to be big and srrong no matter how he/she starteed,and go big with the killing...but here we see paul still a kid,scared(for all the right reasons),ineffectual until the last moment and paralized after he sees the killing and how powerful he is becomming. so much more realistic,so much better in terms of the story and how this hero is going to try to save "his" people...hard to believe nobody is following this great series. if i remember right the british forum on the same sight for this series was very matter,still one of the best entertainments on tv right now...and i was right about niel...he is not the good person we were hoping him to be. still may be redeemable,but he is going down a dark path. every episode has taken the viewer to a new level. i keep looking for news for a 2nd series,but so far only that it is still undecided. so manyreally terrible showson tv and with something this differant and so well done and acted. so entertaining it is hard to believe...but there may be many variables we don't know about..keeping my fingers crossed.

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