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  • to tstarimirnikol

    the song was used in the 5 episode is

    "... Persephone (the gathering of flowers) performed by DEAD CAN DANCE
  • Songs

    I want to know the name of the song that was used in the last 30 seconds of the 5 episode of the British series "The Fades". Thanks in advance!!!!
  • Diamond In The Rough

    I just stumbled upon this show by accident. I am a huge fan of horror films/TV, and out of all of the stuff that gets ran into the ground I finally found something that is original. I'm hooked on the show "Supernatural" because of how creepy it can be and how funny it can be at the same time. This show is not "Supernatural," but its delivery is similar. It has very creepy moments and then the next thing you know you are laughing at its 80s movie references and then it quickly gets dark again, and it does it so smoothly that you can't help but love its delivery. This is one of the most under-rated shows out at the moment and if more people start to watch it I am sure it will get the notice it deserves.

  • i love this show

    this brings new elements to stories that have been the same for decades..bravo...i hope it can sustain. the acting is very good and it is well executed...i am hooked..i hope there will be a series 2...etc...
  • Frankly worst British show I have watched!!!!!

    If this could be scored a zero I'll gladly give it that.This looks like someone's high school project. I couldnt get through episode one. I started watching in good spirits,then stopped at halfway mark because I refuse to waste one more second of my life with this turd.
  • The 6th Sense meets a zombie flick in the UK and its offspring is better than you could ever imagine.

    The Fades is absolutely fantastic! I saw a trailer for it on BBC America and was somewhat skeptical, given that it looked like the US's zombie obsession had crossed the Atlantic, but this show pleasantly surprised me. The acting is superb, by a cast that will be largely recognizable by well-versed fans of young British television (especially if you watched Skins).

    The interesting thing about this show is that it really isn't just a zombie thriller - the people that come back from the dead have personality and understandable and sympathetic motives for what they do. They've been given the metaphorical shaft by the universe and are just trying to find some way to fix their piteous existence as ghosts who can't interact with the world and who burn when the living unknowingly pass through them.

    It starts out as every scifi geek's fantasy: nerdy boy with nerdy friend who quotes movies non-stop discovers that he has super powers after an encounter with an "Angelic" and a "fade" in an abandoned shopping mall. Despite the clicheness of this beginning, the show quickly redeems itself by ratcheting up the tension and having several surprising moments that make the audience say "wtf?" It also saves itself with humor, not only at the expense of the sidekick, but also by laughing at Paul as he struggles with his fears and tries to balance his "real" life with his fade-problems. Lily Loveless' character, Ana, is also a good source of amusement. She starts out as a running joke, but her character evolves rapidly, and she actually becomes an interesting character before the short 6 episode run is up.

    Basically, if you like scifi/fantasy/horror, you will love this show. Here's hoping for a season (series) 2!

  • A++ UK Series


    The Fades is a terrific original series that I couldn't wait to see each week.

    Thankfully it's a UK produced show so, even though the first season ended in a nicely rounded off manner, we were still left with the possibility of a return next year. Unlike the American produced quality programs which seem to get cancelled on the whim of some executive who decides that he doesn't like it, so no-one will.

    The Fades isn't expensively made, it doesn't feature established stars and it doesn't run for more than the usual (UK) 6 episodes, but it's quality.

    We have Mr Joe Belowaverage (Paul) thrust into the unfamiliar realm of Fades; ghosts of people who have died and not ascended and Angelics; living people who have the ability to see Fades and interact with them.

    Paul, very ably supported by his best mate and wing-man Mac, finds out that he's also an Angelic just at the time where the Fades (royally pissed off because they haven't been able to ascend) decide it's time to hit back.

    There's a well balanced mix of surprises, thrills, horror, humour, and pathos with this series and I can't wait for Season 2.

    I highly recommend it and guarantee you will too if you watch more than one episode.

  • Familiar elements with great new twists. Well done BBC Three!Gritty and dark, just the way I like it.


    When I first heard about this show I was slightly skeptical of it, I thought it was just going to be another spirits with people who can see them show. How wrong I was?

    It's gritty and while still using some familiar elements, it gives them a brand new twists and has brought a more human version of spirits to the screen.

    My only problem with the show is the backstory's involving paul's annoying sister and Sarah's ex. When they appear on the screen I tend to take a loo break.

    I love the actor who plays Paul, his acting while sometimes a bit wooden helps bring forth the fear the character is feeling.

    I would suggest the people give this show a try as you will be surprised at how good it is.

    I recently read an article on British Drama's targeted at the youth. Misfits and now this. I agree. British drama is making a comeback.

    Enjoy and just remember.

    The fades are coming!

  • It must be difficult to write a pilot episode for a series that you hope will be as big as Star Trek. A show that will run for years and bring in millions, perhaps even be taken up by the Americans. Well, this is a good attempt.


    As with all first episodes, the action is diluted by the need to introduce the characters and their motivations. The basic premise here is that sometimes dead people do not ascend to heaven straight away but are stuck on earth and 'some' people can see them. Obviously, that's one big hurdle avoided as if everyone could see them we would have the SWAT teams rounding them up. OK, fair enough but later we see these dead folks with a bright light in their chest [too reminiscent of the film Ghost for me]. And, unless they can quickly find their way to a sort of 'worm hole' that takes them to heaven, the light 'fades' and they are stuck here.

    But don't panic a group of the people who can see them have banded together with guns that can 'kill' them and are fighting against all odds to save the planet. OK, so it's not quite like that but it could be. We have, after all, only had one episode but this show will take much pulling together if it is not to be one big joke.

    I'll let you know how it goes

    Check out the press release here................-

    And, if you missed it you can see episode one here....


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