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  • The 6th Sense meets a zombie flick in the UK and its offspring is better than you could ever imagine.

    The Fades is absolutely fantastic! I saw a trailer for it on BBC America and was somewhat skeptical, given that it looked like the US's zombie obsession had crossed the Atlantic, but this show pleasantly surprised me. The acting is superb, by a cast that will be largely recognizable by well-versed fans of young British television (especially if you watched Skins).

    The interesting thing about this show is that it really isn't just a zombie thriller - the people that come back from the dead have personality and understandable and sympathetic motives for what they do. They've been given the metaphorical shaft by the universe and are just trying to find some way to fix their piteous existence as ghosts who can't interact with the world and who burn when the living unknowingly pass through them.

    It starts out as every scifi geek's fantasy: nerdy boy with nerdy friend who quotes movies non-stop discovers that he has super powers after an encounter with an "Angelic" and a "fade" in an abandoned shopping mall. Despite the clicheness of this beginning, the show quickly redeems itself by ratcheting up the tension and having several surprising moments that make the audience say "wtf?" It also saves itself with humor, not only at the expense of the sidekick, but also by laughing at Paul as he struggles with his fears and tries to balance his "real" life with his fade-problems. Lily Loveless' character, Ana, is also a good source of amusement. She starts out as a running joke, but her character evolves rapidly, and she actually becomes an interesting character before the short 6 episode run is up.

    Basically, if you like scifi/fantasy/horror, you will love this show. Here's hoping for a season (series) 2!

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