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The Fairly OddParents is a totally out-of-this-world cartoon about a 10-year old boy named Timmy whose life isn't exactly normal. The Fairly OddParents has been shown from three different channels throughout the world: Jetix, the Disney Channel, and on Nickelodeon. Being bossed around by his bossy babysitter, Timmy can't stand it anymore, so his Fairy Godparents are there to help. His Fairy Godparents go by the name of Cosmo, Wanda, and baby poof who grant Timmy's wishes. Of course, these fairies aren't exactly geniuses, especially Cosmo. Watch their wacky adventures you'll wish for more! Like fellow Nicktoon SpongeBob SquarePants, the show has become hugely popular and has a large, devoted fan base encompassing all age groups. Character Guide: Timmy Turner - Timmy, an average 10-year-old boy, was miserable because of his dimwit parents and Vicky, his evil babysitter. One day, he was playing with a magic 8-ball and a married fairy couple named Cosmo and Wanda appeared. When they became Timmy's fairy godparents, his misery ended. Cosmo Wanda - Cosmo and Wanda are the married couple of fairy godparents that are assigned to Timmy Turner. They are several thousand years old, and have had many, many fairy godchildren. They grant wishes to Timmy so that he isn't miserable anymore. Poof - Poof is the only natural child of Cosmo and Wanda and is Timmy's fairy godbrother. He was born in the episode "Fairly Odd Baby", and has since become a regular character on the show. He is way too young to grant wishes, but depending on his emotions, magical things happen. And sometimes, when Timmy grants a wish, he gets the wish wrong. Vicky - Vicky is an evil 16-year-old babysitter who constantly tortures Timmy and other kids. Her favorite things are money, torturing children, and watching TV. Denzel Q. Crocker - Mr. Crocker is Timmy's fairy-obsessed schoolteacher. He is also one of Timmy's arch-enemies. He strongly suspects that Timmy has fairy godparents, though when he tells people he believes in fairies, they think that he's crazy. Chester McBadbat - Chester is one of Timmy's best friends. He has braces on his teeth, which he once used to help Timmy win a contest. He lives in a run-down trailer with his dad, who wears a paper bag over his head because of the humiliation he faced as a lousy baseball player. A.J. - A.J., an African American, is Timmy's other best friend. He is the genius in Timmy's class, and also has a secret lab. Consequently, he sometimes gets jealous when someone else wins first place in a contest. A.J., like his dad, likes to invent things. Theme Song: Chorus: Timmy is an average kid that no one understands. Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands. Vicky: Bed, twerp! Chorus: But doom and gloom up in his room is broken instantly, by his magic little fish who grant his every wish, 'cause in reality, they are his odd parents, fairly odd parents. Wanda: Wands and wings! Cosmo: Floaty crowny things! Chorus: Odd parents, fairly odd parents. Really mod, pea pod, buff bod, hot rod. Timmy: Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice, giant snake, birthday cake, large fry, chocolate shake! Chorus: Odd parents, fairly odd parents. It flips your lid when you are a kid with fairly odd parents. Vicky: Yeah, right! Chorus: *Bop!* The series won 3 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual in Animation - character designer: Shelf Life, storyboard: Dadbracadbra and Outstanding Sound Mixing - Live Action and Animation.

Mary Kay Bergman

Mary Kay Bergman

Timmy Turner (2001)

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner/Poof (2008- )

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen Von Strangle

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Gary Leroi Gray

Gary Leroi Gray

AJ (2003-Present)

Fan Reviews (648)

  • this show needs to end

    This show needs to end. It's been on since 2001. And since that time, like most shows do, it has gotten worse. the characters has been flanderized, the episodes are formulaic and predictable and they have changed much within the show continuity. While, this wasn't too bad for the first few seasons, it just seems lazy now. They have added not one but two new really unnecessary characters in Poof and Sparky and it seems like they are trying to connect rather than just connecting with an audience. I will now go more in detail with the problems of this show

    At first Timmy was a charming, sweet good natured kid. Sure he could be a bit of a jerk but he always apologized If he went too far. Now he is a stupid idiotic jerk who never listens and gets himself into trouble which he has to use magic to get out of. Yeah it was fine at first but how long can you do this with it becomes boring? He was never smart, but he was as stupid as the latter seasons make him out to be.

    Cosmo and Wanda were good for a while too, they had their flaws, Cosmo was an idiot and Wanda nagged a lot, but they loved Timmy and would do ANYTHING for him. They would always protect him and be there for him, even when his own parents were not. Now they seem to be almost neutral to him, sometimes going WAY too far in pushing him. I mean scaring him for scaring poof was NOT COOL. In one episode they can't remember his name.. WHAT Cosmo I get but Wanda come on. I know that was supposed to funny but it came across as stupid. Cosmo is now a borderline idiot with little redeeming characteristics and Wanda seems to be a know it all.

    Timmy Parents have gone from loving him to seemingly hating him back to loving him again. While some might think this is character development it really isn't. Character development Is when a characters has a notable flaw or problem and then works to solve that problem throughout the run of show. I kind of have always thought it was stupid they were called Timmy's Mom and Timmy's Dad but it used to be ok as they were not major characters. Now with many episodes revolving around them it is really annoying.

    Poof, I don't know how to feel about him. On one hand it is nice to see Cosmo and Wanda be parents and he can be rather cute. On the other hand he can be annoying and serves either little purpose or too much purpose. The episode that focus on him are not very good and take away from what they show should be about Timmy. However compared to Sparky he is good.

    Sparky oh good god do I HATE this character. Frist of all he doesn't need to exist in show. Timmy wanted him as a pet but aren't Cosmo, Wanda and Poof already his pet goldfish, I mean that's how the most of the other charters think they are right? So what does he need a dog? Of course that is not the main reason to hate him. He is just plain annoying to be point of being unbearable. His voice is annoying and he can he only exists for comedy relive which is rarely done good.

    The episodes always followed the same sequence. Timmy has a problem, he used magic to try to solve it, it seems to work but then the magic makes the problem worse and he unwishes the wish. Now in addition to that many episodes involve Cosmo and Wanda losing their wands and it seems like they are running out of ideas.

    The shows continuity was been so screwed up that it is not funny. Frist Cosmo and Wanda had wands that were powered by a big wand in Fairy World which was plunged into socket. Then their wands were at least semi-self-powered and had to be recharged. In one episode they get wet and they had to get news ones and in another it turns out Mr. Crocker power the Big Wand. That is too many changes. They could have as least done better job of explaining all of this. But no your just expected to go along with it

    I do still find this show to be semi-watchable. It has not sunk as low as new SpongeBob and it is better than most of nick's new shows. But it still is not as good as it could be. this show has run its course and it did a pretty good job but it needs to be over. No show can last`14 years and be as good as it was in the beginning and this and SpongeBob are prime examples of that


    I think the show is great till you added the annoying dog, he has no need to be there, Timmy already has pet goldfish/godparents. I have stopped watching because now its just stupid and annoying...
  • Goodbye Forever, 90's Nickelodeon.

    Fairy Oddparents was one of those shows that people really liked during the years 2000.

    It was funny, plots were good and it was often filled with everything that would make you like this show.

    Sadly, now we have this excuse for a show. Now I'll tell you guys why.

    This show ended in 2006. It went out for a while, then came the leap of fate.

    They brought it back on with the Fairly Oddbaby movie, starring Poof for the first time. THAT was when what could have been a funny memory, was transformed into what we have now. This show died like Spongebob has a year ago in 2004. Timmy is a fucking brat, Cosmo is really stupid, Wanda is always nagging and the plot is always focused on Mister Crocker or Poof. The humor: from being funny and likable, it turned into a bucket of vomit and unlikable. Seriously, Nick, what happened?

    I knew this channel was turning from blue to grey when Spongebob, Fairy Oddparents were falling down and when Jimmy Neutron was canceled. Now we have Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, failed Spongebob and failed Fairy Oddparents. We do not want this. We want it the way it was before.

  • Seriously. What happened to this show?

    Anyone who had ever watched The Fairly OddParents almost 10 years ago knew how amazing this show was. It had good plots, it could be pretty action-packed at times, and it was funny. During that time, it probably could have gone on to become one of the greatest cartoons ever made. Unfortunately, I stress "could have".

    This show was supposed to end after season 5, but a year after they initially cancelled Fairly OddParents, The creators decided to bring it back. Well, lets just say what what we got wasn't that good. Once Fairly Oddbaby premiered I knew this show had jumped the shark. And it wasn't even the introduction of Poof. The humor that made this show so good just died with that movie, and the characters did a complete 180 from their initial personalities. Timmy became a spoiled brat, his parents went from caring about him, albeit part-time, to practically not giving a crap about him, and Cosmo actually became completely annoying, rather than kind of annoying, but still mostly funny. And I swear, he got even dumber, which I didn't think was possible. The only people who have remained the same have been Vicky and Mr. Crocker, except Crocker has now gotten more screen time.

    The worst thing to come out of the newer seasons is without a doubt that embarassing live-action movie "Grow Up Timmy Turner". I still can't believe that Drake Bell went from Drake and Josh, one of the best shows Nick has ever created, to that abomination. And then they made sequels! What the F***, man!

    The Fairly OddParents has unfortunately suffered the same fate as SpongeBob SquarePants. It was a great show that was brought back after being cancelled, and once that happened, the show went into the crapper. If I were rating the show before Poof came along it would be nearly perfect. But alas, the newer seasons have made the show kinda terrible.moreless
  • Went off a cliff and now its a dusty video tape.

    This show was very funny as I grew up, but they never knew when to stop. When they ran out of ideas, they started throwing new characters in to fill the sad gaps of missing humor. Now its a pretty eclipsed show, you barely see an ad or an video game, nor a kid wearing a t-shirt. The show lost its spotlight. It used to be one of Nick's best cartoons when I was a child.moreless

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