The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 19

9 Lives / Dread and Breakfast

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Nov 30, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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9 Lives- When Catman tells Timmy he's used up eight of his nine cat lives saving Dimmsdale from crime, Timmy helps Catman find a "safer" job where he can still help people. But it turns out Catman is terrible at every job Timmy gets for him. Thankfully, Mom and Dad are overrun by a hoard of rodents. Sensing he's needed, Catman (or "Ratman") snaps out of his funk and puts his ninth life on the line to save the day once more. Dread and Breakfast- Dad's quit his job to make sock monkeys, and there's no income for the Turners...until Mom turns the house into a bed and breakfast. That'd be fine, if the first guests weren't Mr. Crocker, Dark Laser and Tootie who either want to destroy Timmy or kiss him. As Timmy runs around frantically trying to stay one step ahead of his house guests, he must find a way to get everyone out without using the very fairy magic Crocker is hoping to catch him using.moreless

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  • "Dread and Breakfast" lowered my score

    9 Lives: I love this episode and it's one of my favorite "The Fairly OddParents" in my opinion. This episode would have gotten a perfect score if it wasn't for "Dread and "Breakfast" (which will be reviewed after this). Catman (a.k.a. Adam West) always makes me laugh whenever he appears in the FOP episodes. Catman missing up saving the citizens and repeatedly going to court was absolutely hilarious. Timmy repeatedly wishing that Catman was no longer hurt and wasn't guilty was also funny. That old lady getting huge muscles was also funny. Everything in this episode was just all-around hilarious and excellent. Catman saving Mr. Turner and Mrs. Turner from the rats were also good. The very ending with Catman being called Ratman was very funny and that old woman with huge muscles being his sidekick was funny. Overall, this episode was just as excellent and hilarious as you can possibly think. 10/10

    Dread and Breakfast: Oh my gosh, what can I say? this episode was just bad... super duper awfully bad. Seriously? it's very bad and I hated most of it. While there were a few funny moments in this episode, most of it was just awful and I couldn't stand almost a single moment in that episode. Of course, Tootie was in this episode trying to get a kiss from Timmy so that was a huge nightmare for me. Crocker was getting on my nerves big time also but Tootie was still the absolute worst. Dark Laser is somewhat tolerable because he was kinda funny in this episode. The only parts I laughed at was when Mr. Turner was living his dream to sell sock monkies, Dark Laser being an inflatable boat, and the Scooby-Doo reference. Those were the only parts that made me laugh. Overall, despite a few funny moments, this episode was just bad and I was almost going to die with Tootie ruining this episode and Crocker also. 3.5/10moreless
  • blahhhhhhhh

    this is a current episode it's not the best but not the worst either I didn't watch the episode but some telled to me it was not the best I didn't liked that much through it was kinda funny I'm not telling that it wasn't funny at all it deserves a 6 or 4 specially 9 lives it deserves a 6 or 8 so i think that the fairly odd parents producers and the creator are going out o' ideas so I think it wasn't that funny maybe I exagerated it's not that funny at all so my final score is 4moreless
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Adam West


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Kevin Michael Richardson

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