The Fairly OddParents

Episode 0

A Fairly Odd Christmas

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2012 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • epic and exellent movie

    what can i say
  • Better than the first movie

    Not one of the best episodes of FOP, but still an enjoyable Christmas movie, and much better than the whole season 7 and 8. The movie follows Timmy using his fairies to grant a lot of wishes to others, and making kid's names disapper of Santa's Nice List. When he accidentaly injures Santa, he has to replace him that year, but he can't because his name is on the Naughty List. So he must go on a trip to the house of the only elf that can take names off the Naughty List. Yep, a pretty confuse plot for a children movie.

    Note that this plot could easily be used for an animated movie (if we change the "Wishful Thinking" factor, to the wish granting being only a kindness action from Timmy). The live-action here is only a reflection of the "success" of the first live-action movie.

    David Lewis as Crocker is certainly the best thing on this movie. The writing quality also improves in comparison with the latest FOP episodes. I could caught myself laughing at some points, mostly with Crocker's lines. The end of the movie is also cute, and the interaction of the actors with the CGI is also admirable. MUCH better than "Grow Up, Timmy Turner!", too bad some people disliked that so much that don't even want to see this one.
  • Better than I expected.... solid job to Butch Hartman and the crew

    Watching the promos for this film, I thought it would be AWFUL but it was better than I expected. It's not good though but it is a pretty enjoyable Christmas adventure for these characters right here. Drake Bell still remains to be the perfect Santa Claus. It pretty much sticks to the animated series in terms of cartoonish background music, the characters, and all that which it should and Butch Hartman is smart at doing that since he is obviously involved with this Christmas movie. I didn't really laugh here though. I only chuckled at a couple of parts and CRACKED up at like 3 parts overall. The beginning and ending of the movie does feel rushed though and the script isn't anything amazing in my opinion. For what the Christmas movie has offered me though, it was pretty entertaining. In my opinion, one watch was good enough though but it was a pretty enjoyable one-watch only Christmas movie. I also like the fact that this movie is 1 hour and 30 minutes long considering the fact that the original film "A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner" was UNDER an hour long which was very lame to me. It really isn't that bad though so I say give it a chance if you decide to. 6.5/10