The Fairly OddParents

Season 8 Episode 0

A Fairly OddMovie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner.

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jul 09, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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A Fairly OddMovie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner.
It is 13 years later, and Timmy Turner is now an adult slacker who must continue to be in the fifth grade and live with his parents in order to act like a kid so that he can keep his beloved fairies. But when he falls in love with Tootie who has returned to town as an adult beautiful bombshell, Timmy must choose between growing up with her and staying a kid at heart to keep his fairies. Meanwhile, a greedy oil tycoon finds out about Cosmo and Wanda, and he is determined to capture them for his own megalomaniacic purposes.moreless

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  • I am really disappointed.

    I was actually excited to watch this episode, considering this was probably one of the only Fairly Odd Parents episodes Nick would hype up. In this is episode, Timmy is actually 23 instead of ten, and keeps going to 5th grade to keep his Fairly Odd Parents. The idea sounds good, but the first problem I had was that it is live action. The live action.... just doesn't work here. The second problem I had were the characters themselves. Vicky doesn't seem like herself anymore, and Jorgon comes off as creepy. AJ and Chester came off as jerks instead of Timmy's friends. Crocker is still like himself, as well as the fairies. The acting is terrible, and the only characters giving their parts were Timmy and Crocker. The plot then continues after this person named Magnet wants to tear down the Dimmsdale park to create an oil device for everyone. Tutti, who is magically hot now, goes against this plan, as it tears down this tree that she lived with. Since Timmy loves her now, he foils Magnet's plan to destroy the park. So after humiliation, Magnet teams up with Crocker to take Timmy's fairies to destroy the park. They then capture Tutie in order to lure Timmy's fairies. The fairies are then captured by Crocker, and are used for Magnet's purposes. With the help of AJ of Chester, Timmy is able to go into the evil lair where Crocker and Magnet are. Crocker is betrayed and falls into a bottomless pit, and Magnet then becomes paralyzed. And then the day is saved again. Some of the humor was good, but most of it was so lazily done. There were some things done well, though. One thing I did like was that this plot actually focused on Timmy. There were some things that were done well, but how lazily done the plot was and how uninteresting the characters really make this special forgettable. The Fairly Odd Parents started, but became a mess it will never recover from.moreless
  • You know, I was expecting this to be bad, but it was pretty good!

    When I saw the ads for this, I was all, "Oh no, they're going to ruin the series with this". But it was pretty good! Okay, not to the levels of "Abra-Catastrophe!" and "Channel Chasers", but it was a good movie. Cheesy in some parts, but good.

    I think Drake was a good choice to play Timmy (plus I used to have a crush on Drake when Drake and Josh was on). Tootie was pretty good, but hard to believe (She was "so geeky she's cute" originally, now she's "hot"). The girl playing Vicky acted too much like she was playing her in a school play. Chester and A.J. were okay, but forgettable. Jorgen, Crocker, Timmy's mom, and Magnate were pretty good, and it was awesome and funny to still see Darrin Norris play Timmy's Dad like he does in the show! Also, Cosmo and Wanda as humans was hilarious, and don't worry, I know the early images made them look like Oompa-Loompas, but they looked better on screen. When they're fairies, they're CGI. Not the "best" CGI, but I think that's what they were going for.

    The special effects vary from good to bad, but good most of the time. The movie is EXACTLY like the cartoon. Pretty much a live-action cartoon. Same music, same character tics, same everything. Timmy's house looked the same, including the giant satelite dish!

    There were a lot of good points. Timmy and Tootie's relationship was adorable (I perfered TimmyxTootie over TimmyxTrixie), everyone was in-character, everyone LOOKED like their characters (well, except for Tootie, but that was intended) and there were a lot of sweet and tear-jerky moments between Timmy and the fairies. Plus, the film was really funny, and "Looking like Magic" was a great song.

    Of course, there are bad points, too. At least two scenes with special effects were obvious (i.e., the raccoon jumping on the animal control worker). Poof, as usual, didn't do anything (why is he in the show again?). A really big chunk of the movie was cut before it aired (apparently, Nickelodeon doesn't do movies anymore that are more than an hour), and the ending, as cute as it was, was somewhat cliche.

    As for questions, I have a few answers. What happened to Trixie? Timmy probably got over her. What happened to Timmy's famous front teeth? He probably wished them away. Why didn't we see Francis/Veronica/Tad/Chad/Sanjay/Elmer? They've been so out of focus lately, I don't even think they're in the show anymore!

    But this movie really wasn't as bad as I though it was. It wasn't a great movie, but it wasn't a terrible movie.moreless

    This is one of the WORST finales to a decent series I have ever seen. The choices they made here just blows my mind on how they can come up with such a steaming pile of goat shit and expect it to do the series any justice. Well, it doesn't. It's laden with its own plot holes and it's further dragged down by bad writing and bad acting.

    First thing to notice here is the style. It is not a cartoon, but a live action film mixed with CGI effects. The humans are shown as portrayed by real people as the fairies are rendered in CGI that doesn't even blend in too well... or are they? No, we have Jorgen von Strangle portrayed by an actor! I know he is the most humanoid out of the fairies but you're still contradicting yourself if you can't maintain consistency on your effects and live portrayals!

    To the film's credit, the moral behind the film wouldn't be so bad if it weren't displayed so poorly. I like the idea that Timmy either has to grow up or remain a kid at heart, but the ending only makes it a big slap in the face going, "Eh, screw the moral. When you're going out with a hot chick AND you get to keep your wish-granting fairies, everyone wins!"

    And of course, character portrayals are a problem. I know there is a major time skip from Timmy's 10-year old self and to this but you can't even recognize most of the characters anymore. It's not just because of the live portrayals but the acting itself holds little resemblance to the known characters from the series. I'll give some credit to the guy whose role is Denzel Crocker as he can be kooky as the cartoon version. And speaking of characters, the final villain is some generic oil tycoon who we have never seen in the cartoon. Way to end a series on a forgettable note.

    Tootie in the end is just some Mary Sue-ish fan service kind of damsel-in-distress. Seriously. Timmy used to find her very creepy when they were kids even if he did leave behind subtle hints that he may have liked her (and hell, had KIDS with her!), but then she becomes this smoking hot teen who's so wonderful and so-and-so. NOW he wants to go out with her so willingly. That is a half-assed attempt at romance if I ever see one. It is unrealistic and doesn't teach its kid audience much about dating except, "Ignore them when they're ugly, talk to them when they're hot." That's a very shallow view on finding a date.

    Ultimately, this movie ends up as being bland and forgettable. It's just a badly-done romantic comedy with some cartoon humor that doesn't convert well to live action. If you want to watch "movies" based on the Fairly Odd Parents, you are better off watching those that play like extended TV episodes. A good one is the one where Timmy receives a rule-free wish muffin that constantly gets taken away and abused for selfish purposes.

  • great

    It certainly was not as bad as I feared it would be, but it did have some problems. Drake Bell as Timmy Turner… I just didn't believe he was Timmy. Aside from the pink hat and the clothes he wears, there's little to no effort to make him look like what I'd imagine an older Timmy Turner would look like. Crocker's actor looks like what I would imagine Crocker as, and so do most of the others, except Timmy and Tootie. I mean, they KIND of look like what I'd expect, but… I just don't see it. There were not a lot of gags in it that made me laugh, but the plot was handled better then I thought it would be. Not the best Fairly Odd Parents special/movie, not the worst.moreless
  • This Movie Was Very Nice.

    After I have watched the live-action TV motion picture, "A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner", I felt that it was a pretty nice picture. Drake Bell did very well as the adult Timmy Turner, Daniella Monet was wonderful as Tootie, and David Lewis played to role of Denzel Crocker perfectly. If only they were able to move his ears down to his neck. It was quite refreshing to see Timmy acting nobly with Cosmo and Wanda acting selfishly for a change. Not only was Daniella Monet great as a hot adult version of Tootie, she was wonderfully type cast as an enviromnentalist. I doubt that there was a dry eye among any of the viewers during the scene where Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof said goodbye to Timmy. I feel that this was a great TV movie, and I am very proud to give it an 8:5.moreless

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